how much time do i need to learn drop shipping before starting my shopify store??

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hello worriors friends ,
i'm a dropshipper beginner, i have already start selling on ebay , right now i want to switch to shopify, so i'm wondering how much time do i need to learn befor actually start investing in a shopify store?
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    I don't think there is a need for learning process before starting dshipping. Just start and learn during the process. The most consuming time actions in terms of learning will be Facebook Ads and product research.

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    Hello George here

    DalrsMaker is 100% correct. Although, make sure to watch some videos on youtube to help you in the beginning. The rest will come with trial and error. Also you need a budget of at least 500$ (1000$ would be perfect) to start. I've wasted more than 1k$ before i succeeded with my shop.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask Best of luck.
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    there is no such thing as time learn....
    in shopify because you truly depend on your own and have your own brand while in ebay they can shutt you any time you need before even consider to play with your own money for ads
    a) Great site (if its not optimized you will lose money on ads while you thing the problem is ads or product when in reality it might be your site itself)

    b) Apps that actually increase conversions

    c) Good product (these days all sell the same items so even if you have the greatest product others will copy it in a matter of days)

    d) skills on basic FB ads

    Keep it simple a FB ad is just to send someone in your store, if he is not interested he wont click the ad, so from the time he click the ad the site needs to take over, (asuming you send traffic from legit countries or tier 1 and tier 2)
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    Shopify offers tons of articles on their website on how to build out your store. It won't take you a long time to build it out so I wouldn't focus on that right now. Since you are already selling on Ebay, I would focus on learning how to use Facebook ads because I believe that is going to be your biggest struggle.
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