Not getting sales, handmade morrocan products.

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Can you guys help me figure out why I'm not getting sales.
The link to my store is
I think the theme is good, the domain name too.
One customer reached checkout and left a cart of 260€ so I sent her a -10% coupon, she replied saying the store has no online presence and couldn't trust it.
I owned several stores before, and never had this issue.
What can I do to make people trust my store?
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    Perhaps put a "Secure Payment" logo or payment gateway logo at the top of the page. Customers like to see that transactions are safe before they start looking at products etc.
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    Hello George here

    260€ are a lot of money. High ticket items are really hard to sell without excellent marketing, trust signals and social proof. Your website looks like every other generic shopify store and customers are getting suspicious in general due to the high influx of these kinds of stores in the market. But still 1 customer case doesn't provides accurate data for you or us to know if there is something wrong. It might just be bad luck.

    Best of luck
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    Hi Soufiane,

    I had a look on your website, and first things first - you've put up some great products. Your website stands out from others as it is not at all cluttered.
    Now coming back to your question - why are you not getting sales. Well, that's a question that every ecom store owner has. To answer this question, you need to identify the problem.
    Let's break it down-

    Are you getting traffic to your store?
    If yes, - then you need to identify the source of this traffic. Make sure whether these are real humans and not bots. I would recommend you to setup Google Analytics for your store. Here's a guide which will help you in getting started with GA- what metrics to track and how. Tracking your store in Analytics will help you get insights about what's not working for your store.

    Other activities that you should focus on
    - I see you've presence on Instagram and Facebook. Shopify allows you to sell via Facebook and Instagram itself. Since you have a niche audience you can also start with setting up targeted ads on Facebook and display ads (Google)
    - Retarget users and Engage with them. More than 90% of the users who come to your website won't make a purchase on the first go and therefore it is very important for you to engage with them. You can leverage social media, email and push notifications for this.
    I know for a fact it won't be possible to do all the activities alone and that's why there are a lot of apps available on Shopify which will help you to automate the processes.
    I hope this helps.

    Must read - How this Shopify store has setup personalized engagement campaigns and drives crazy sales with automated retargeting campaigns.
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    You need to work on your website design to make it little more attractive and compaq, and all Shop products should on home page, so people can see more products when they visit first time.
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    There are a couple things you can do.

    1) Install social proof app such as FOMO (sales notification popups)
    2) Add recognizable trust badges such as McAfee instead of icons.
    3) Add review section
    4) Add Instagram feed gallery

    Also, you should run retargeting campaign. The more people see your store/brand, the more they trust you.

    I hope that helps.

    Hit me up. I love to connect with like-minded people.

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