Based in UK, dropship from China to USA currency exchange fees

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So I have e-commerce store, dropship China, sell in USA but all my finance is in UK. My Shopify store is in Pound sterling.
My payment getaways: Shopify payments in £ and multicurrency Paypal.
I experience uncomfortable currency exchange fees from USD to £ and back to USD.
Customers pay in USD and I buy in Chine in USD. But at the moment I cannot open bank account in US.
I can use Paypal, but many of my dropshippers don't accept Paypal. Paypal does not provide me with credit cards.
Ideally, I would need to have debit card in USD, connected to USD bank account, connected to Paypal.
Stripe denied account for me, because I dropship.
I have Revolut, Transferwise borderless, but can't figure out how to connect them all.
My UK bank has some USD account options but still would charge me currency exchange + annual fee.

Sorry, it's a mess and a puzzle, but if anyone is in the same position, please share your solutions. Thanks!
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