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I have e-commerce website which sales server and I want to start Digital marketing. Our objective of digital marketing to get lead generation and sales of our product. So, in which way I should start, will I first try SEO or Adwords? I have consulted with few agencies and they said that SEO will take 4 to 5 months to get result. Whereas Adwords is costly.

Is it true that if I do not get good return on investment from Adwords then I will also not get ROI from SEO?

Our Primary Target Keywords -
Dedicated Server, Data Center

Our Secondary Target Keywords -
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    You'll get a return on both if you do them correctly.

    SEO is definitely a longer-term play. AdWords is more immediate.

    But, there are tons of other ways to get traffic to your site and make sales.

    Answer questions on Quora and Reddit on server specific questions/threads (if they have them). Create articles around information on servers, repost them to medium and LinkedIn, use the articles in your answers on Quora and Reddit, scan Facebook for groups around your topic and answer questions there or run FB ads to the articles and retarget the people who spent a certain amount of time on the article.

    Get creative if you don't have the funds for AdWords and don't have the patience for SEO.
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    "Dedicated Server" & "Data Center" will probably cost you $5 and up, per click.

    There is intense, well-funded competition in both Adwords and SEO.

    I would suggest you research alternative promotion methods.
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    SEO And Adword both works for your business promotion. But if you only prefer Adword, You'll get instant or temporary ROI only till you invest. But SEO gives you the real value of your brand. Both are worth for you but try to do first SEO of your website.
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    Your keywords are highly competitive. You could start by creating informative content and answering people's questions on focused facebook groups.
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  • Hi,

    If you need an immediate results then go with the Google Ad-words, and if you need long term results with google SERPs then go with SEO.
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      Originally Posted by Four Feathers Group View Post


      If you need an immediate results then go with the Google Ad-words, and if you need long term results with google SERPs then go with SEO.
      absolutely! it is a very competitive market. I noticed a very simple issue here: from each 10 clients who asked me to help them with SEO and PPC for hosting business, 9 were not able to compete (their profit was too marginal, because they were resellers with poor business plan). So yes, it is difficult. I really enjoy challenges and would be delighted to help, but as I said, in 90% there is no place for paid marketing...I wish I could be more optimistic, but if too narrow margin....
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    Which business cycle are you at? Actually, you should use use both SEO and Google adwords. But the investment in SEO, Google adwords should be different in each business cycle. For example: if you are newly-started business, well, let use Google adwords, spend money on Google adwords to test the market. It will bring you quick results, quick response to understand more about your target customers. When your business is doing stable, spend more money on SEO, as it will bring long-term effect on your business.
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    Though SEO is longer version task but i think it is the best way to reach goal for your business
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    I think you shouldn't choose between this two. I think you should try them both. You already know the basic about how they are going to help you. One is for quick response and the other is for long run.
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    Not sure if this is for a brand new website or an existing website. Those are very competitive keywords in both SEO and Adwords world. See if you can find any long tail or specific keywords. Ideally you should use both, adwords lets you learn what keywords are performing well, or which has more ROI. Eventually you want to optimize your website to those high performing keywords.
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    I would recommend for you to pinpoint the end result you want to accomplish first. Depending on the goal, your strategy will be different as well. There is definitely no best way to do everything, but the best thing we can do is to identify the best tool for the job that will bring you the results you want in the timeframe you want.

    Let us take a closer look at AdWords and what you would expect when going with this strategy.

    As every keyword or key phrase has its own monetary value in Google market, the overall cost of your campaign will largely depend on three things: a value of the keyword you want to target, amount of clicks you are aiming for, and of course your budget you are willing to spend.

    You can always check the monetary value of a keyword with Google Keyword Planner or hundreds of other free tools out there. The number you will see there is not entirely accurate, since the value changes depending on many factors, but it'll give you a better idea where you stand.

    With the average landing page conversion rate of about 3%, you are looking at 30-35 clicks on your ad before potential conversion. In other words, depending on the value of the keyword, it could cost you anywhere from a couple of bucks to thousands of dollars per day before you land a conversion.

    One other thing to mention about Adwords, your ads appear in front of people immediately after creating the ads. This means potentially you can get a client or a sale the same day. But, once you stop paying for ads, your clicks go out the window just as fast.

    Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, takes much longer to see any significant results. The time frame for SEO Campaigns depends on how competitive keywords you are going for are in your local market and how aggressive you are willing to be with SEO.

    The cost of SEO will also range anywhere from few hundred bucks to 10s of thousands of dollars per month. Those costs can really create quite an expense, especially in the first several months of the campaign.

    The true benefits of SEO when comparing to Adwords do not come in until later in the campaign. The price of investment in SEO does not change no matter how many clicks you get to your website. There are maintenance costs with keywords in competitive niches, but if you are going for local terms, rankings can be stable for a long time without you doing anything with them.

    That said, do your research and look at your budget. If you are looking for immediate returns or it is just a short-term campaign, Adwords would be a good direction to go with. Consider going with SEO if you are planning to stay for a while and/or build your brand name. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to work with.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    Adwords doesn't take as long as SEO to get a return. Think about it, you are paying more with Adwords to have more of an instant gratification. SEO works just as well in the long run but takes longer to get the conversion high. I would dip my toes in both. Spend only a little with Adwords and play around with SEO. Make sure you stand out from other people in your market, have a good landing page, etc.
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    SEO takes some time to rank your site in search engines and drive huge traffic to your blog or website. While Google Adwords gives you instant result by driving huge and instant traffic according to your budget. It can be expensive compare to SEO.
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    SEO is better than google adwords
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    As you want to get the great ROI then you have need to target the highly competitive keywords in the Google ad words for generating leads and after that you can start SEO.....
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    You are stuck between a rock and hard place. SEO is awesome but not easy and you will require a longer term strategy and plan. 5 Months to 1 Full year just to get going. The more value a keyword has...the more competition you will experience.

    Adwords is a lot quicker but yes very costly (especially in the beginning).
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    Start with Adwords first to see if the idea will even work. It would suck to prepare SEO for the long term only to find out that nobody wants what you have to offer. Start off with lead generation. See if you can generate some free leads for your idea.
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    Originally Posted by sandipcd View Post

    I have e-commerce website which sales server and I want to start Digital marketing. Our objective of digital marketing to get lead generation and sales of our product. So, in which way I should start, will I first try SEO or Adwords? I have consulted with few agencies and they said that SEO will take 4 to 5 months to get result. Whereas Adwords is costly.

    Is it true that if I do not get good return on investment from Adwords then I will also not get ROI from SEO?
    As the others could try some alternative sources of traffic...

    Indeed, adwords is costly but it depends on the value of your lead....every company knows how much it is worth a lead...

    There are niches where the clients pay $20-25/click or more..obv the traffic is targetted (is not seo organic traffic) and even at these prices..overall they make profit (they've done their homework ..)
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    Both SEO and Adwords are good depending on your needs.If you are looking for more immediate results go for Adwords because in that duration untill your Website SEO ranks don't get improved or get a good SERP Rank you can use it till than. After that you can Reduce your AdWords budget because as you start getting ranking you can give more emphasis on SEO which can compensate your budget.
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    Adwords and SEO both are powerful tools of Serach Engine Marketing. According to your need you can use any on tool or both the tools.
    If you are looking for immediate result and traffic fast on your site, you should use Adwords but if you need long term success of your website, you should use SEO tools.
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  • Profile picture of the author George Flm
    I would bang my last dollar on SEO.

    SEO is a long term consensus and the ROI outmatches adwords by a factor of at least 2-1.

    A well put together piece of content can siphon $$$ in the blink of an eye.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    your Website maybe for tech support.Yes i m google ads as well SEO expert.Both are beneficial for any kind of person,if you need instant ROI you should go with Google ads.If you think that lengthy processes is ok then you should try SEO,But now days google takes first 4 page for google ads,so if you want to rank your website you should be concern your competitor website,they are working for years.They have million backlink aged everything,so i supposed for best roi you should work with Google ads.Tech support doing well with google ads as well
    Thank you
    kind regards Rayn
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  • Profile picture of the author lublu
    These two tools are very good. Now it is expensive and long to do SEO. We need original articles, photos, linking pages and a lot more besides quality and original backlinks.

    Already gone are the days when you could order Fiverr 10 thousand links and your domain would be on the first page)))) hahaha

    With paid advertising, you can immediately see the result on the same day. But you have to be very careful and double-check your site or the page you want to advertise. What would all work.
    ---->>> The Bigger Lovers Postcards - Postcrossing - Travel
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  • These days both SEO and ad-words useful. If we do SEO then we got results in google it will take time to get earning. Google Adwords we can spend our money we got branding and Business.
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    The rule of thumb I use is if the lifetime value of a new client is more than 50 times the cost of an Adwords click, then you are crazy not to trial Adwords for at least 6 months.

    Here's a story about one of my clients:
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve L
    Originally Posted by sandipcd View Post

    I have e-commerce website which sales server and I want to start Digital marketing. Our objective of digital marketing to get lead generation and sales of our product. So, in which way I should start, will I first try SEO or Adwords? I have consulted with few agencies and they said that SEO will take 4 to 5 months to get result. Whereas Adwords is costly.
    Organic SEO is costly too since it takes time and time is money. While you should always strive to get as much organic search traffic as possible, I'm a fan of using PPC Search Advertising like Google Ads since you can really dial in the campaign on a granular level to identify exactly which locations, keywords, ads, time of day, day of week and devices are generating the lowest cost per sale. This is powerful data as it allows you to easily make bid adjustments to maximize your ROI.
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  • Profile picture of the author savyeman
    If you go the seo route it will be a much longer process to conversions but seo traffic converts well. Nevertheless, if you run ads on Google it's easier to measure and manage your traffic and control conversions.

    I would go with running ads on Google because it's a lot faster.
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  • Profile picture of the author moonswamp
    I would go with forum marketing instead...
    cos the Hosting Campaign will cost your too much
    and the SEO is a long term work.

    So my suggestion is to do the niche forum marketing, and content marketing....

    Cheap VPS Hositng Reviews

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    For long-term strategies go with organic traffic. That is all I use and will never touch AdWords anymore.
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    I've experienced both. It is better for beginners site to use Adwords while on SEO, maybe initially it will cost a lot, but it is comparable to the investment that will be obtained. It will also support SEO performance in the SERP
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    I think SEO will help you better rather than using Google Adwords. SEO link building will help you a lot to increase your business and traffic obviously.
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    Work On SEO but it's going to take a while to reach the first page, till then use google adwords.
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    SEO is a long term task and Google Adwords gives you the instant traffic to the website. But for a long term Search engine optimization is a better way to get the organic traffic to the website.
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    Both! as said above SEO is very helpful long term and Google Adwords is instant.
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    Highly targeted Google ads can have potential for good ROI provided you have high enough conversion rates; you should do everything you can to increase conversation including multi-variate testing especially of your headline and optimizing your website's speed (page load times have a major impact on conversion rates); another factor to improve conversion rates is to accept as many payment methods as possible including cards, bitcoin and PayPal.

    SEO when done smart can offer massive ROI rate and has far higher potential for extreme numbers with a ROI that you could never near approach with Google Ads. If you're outsourcing SEO you must spend a lot of time researching and ask for real case studies because many SEO deliver very poor results and use software automation and link farms detectable by Google and if not negate your search rankings they could at least stall them, the good SEO firms use natural link acquisition methods such as utilizing link-bait techniques including carefully composed targeted press releases they also use blogger outreach techniques the best firms often have an established relationship built up over many years with blog authors and can deliver links and coverage from some of the world's biggest blogs and news sites
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  • Profile picture of the author balu

    SEO and Adwords both are required. SEO is for the website ranking in a

    long term basis and Adwords can get some immediate traffic to the website.
    Apart from these you can try a lot of content in your Blog using your keywords.
    The appropriate SEO friendly content will help you to rank your keywords

    as well as your website. Of course you can get some links from instagram and Quora too by posting these contents.

    All the above procedures have been tested by me for some E-commerce sites
    and they got me results. You can try without wasting time.
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