Build my own brand and sell my products online?

by Hafu
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Hello, I would like to try to build my own brand and sell my products online. I just ended a little dropshipping journey and I would like to start my own brand to increase my earning.
The very big problem for me it's that I'm on a very limited budget (5000$ - all what I made from the sell of my dropshipping store).
I'm looking for products ideas within my range but honestly I found nothing. Of course I need to buy machinery and so on within this budget. I know maybe it's stupid to ask but have you any idea for small budget like the one I have? I'm nowhere near the right idea from days...
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    Go through this entire section start at the very begining by using the search button. You may get some answers to your question.
    I would suggest you remove the dollar amount you have posted. You are going to get unwanted private messages. And people trying to fleece you out of the money. Put 3/4 of it a side or you can blow thru that amount faster than a New York minute.
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  • You can build a brand without products.

    Get on social media with your/a company name and start being "social".

    Start talking about the niche you are trying to sell to. Try to get your audience to follow you and I Tracy with you.

    If you can develop a good following you can minimize that with products.

    And then you will h e imidiate traffic at the press of a button.
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    You can certainly build your own brand with no financial investments, just your time, willingness, and patience.

    Depending on what is your targeted audience, you can grow your presence, credibility and eventually authority on platforms that you know a lot of your audience spends the most time on.

    The most basic principle of attracting people to you is to provide plenty of value for them. The cheapest and most engaging form of value is entertainment.

    That is why social media is one of the most powerful platforms to promote anything, whether it is a brand or a product.

    As the matter of fact, huge brand awareness was often created literally in matters of days with viral contents.

    Again, you always start with determining your best client. You need to know what kind of a person would buy from you every time. With this knowledge, you will be able to figure out what do your ideal clients spend the most time on and where they hang out while online.

    Once you are absolutely certain about the location, start creating a name for yourself by getting really good at whatever catches your ideal client's attention.

    With time, you will become an authority on this matter and more people will interact with you.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    There's nothing wrong with manufacturing your own product, but your expenses are going to go way up if you take this approach. Not to mention tons of extra work, legal aspect, product development and research. So many things could backfire.

    If you have already covered every aspect of this venture and are confident in it's success, then this might be your best approach. Otherwise stick to marketing/branding products already in existence. More than half the work is done for you so you can focus on moving people to buy.

    I'm no expert but I just think it would be more of a headache running a physical business. I tried it and it just felt like selling sand in a desert.
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    The best thing about online marketing is that you don't need a product or service to earn money. If you have a good amount of social followers then you can surely make money with a very little budget.

    Yes, You heard it absolutely right

    All you need to do is just select a niche you are really passionate about say fashion, travel, food, technology, gadgets and start publishing quality content about it. This way you'll surely get good and potential social following as well as readership. This is because when you provide informational content to the public they are looking for then they are likely to follow you.
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  • Hi hafu, woo great to read your planning regarding start up your own brand. Start up a brand is quite difficult and may be at starting you have not earned profits. So, first of all choose your products on which you want to invest like t-shirts, shirts, sportswear, women's wear etc. Choose the most growing industry of products like t-shirts and shirts are common if any time the market goes down these products demands never gets down.
    Than invest on the good dropship and wholesale distributor company, try to make notes on wholesale clothing manufacturers houses in different countries and start analysis their prices, this will make you good note on the affordable company.
    Then re-start your all planning.
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    You can use social media marketing for selling your product, without any investment in social marketing. You can use your budget on buying machinery.

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    Unless you have the right budget, it is risky to go and start your own brand. Building a brand name is no child's game and requires marketing skill and enough investment.
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      The only risk to building brand is your time. But with that comes experience which in turn increases your brand building skills. If you wipe, simply start again with something new.
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    Hi Hafu,
    You can use social media marketing for selling your product, without any investment in social marketing.
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    Why don't you selle the expertise in an infoproduct?

    Shifting from dropshipping, which in my opinion will dead soon, to auto-manifacturer can be difficult due to low margin.

    Sell a guide or a videocourse on HOW TO BE A DROPSHIPPER, which is what you did.

    And build a brand around this using email marketing.
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    Add your business to some of the business listing sites.
    Get active in social media by posting about your products and services.
    Focus on content marketing.
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    First, you should create pages about your brand and products in all social media. After that run an ad about your products and increase visibility. At the same time, your brand will get popularity.
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      Why not just run the ad directly to his product page? Why all the extra pages?
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    If you focus on content marketing than you will definitely get positive results. Content marketing is very good strategy for promote your product.
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    before you create your product, you can create a facebook page and start posting valuable content on your page about your product, this will surely generate you valuable and trusted audience along the line. After that you can start with one or two products since your capital is not that much to start with, selling online does not really require that you have a thousand products to make sales, having a great audience is key here.
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