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Hello warriors.

In my first attempt at any form of internet marketing, I've set up a shopify dropshipping store.

I am selling iPhone cases and have managed to get 3 sales since the site launched a week ago.

Now I know 3 sales isn't much, I consider it a huge victory considering I am completely new to the industry and by no means have any experience with web design or marketing.

I got 3 sales by running facebook ads for $10 a day for 3 days netting a total of 150 visitors and generating $37 in sales, or $7 profit. (Its probably worth noting I am working with little to no budget)

I took that profit and spent it on an instagram shout out from a marvel super hero page with 200k followers and good engagement.

I would have carried on with the facebook campaign, but saw no more sales after the first day, and would have started losing money.

The 24 hour promotion (which ends now in 2 hours) got 568 people to my site, but not a single purchase. Lowering my conversion rate from 2% to a fraction of a percent.

Looking at my site, is there any pointers anybody could give me on how to increase my conversion rate? Clearly I know I could use a professionally made logo and images, which I am working on.

Thanks for your time
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    Do you have a license to sell Rick and Morty, DBZ or Super Heros products?
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    To increase sales make sure to use high quality images and descriptions with all the details, facilities etc.
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    A huge percentage of conversions is price. Can they easily find the same things for a lower price online? Or, can they find them with better shipping times?

    And, although it has nothing to do with conversions, as yukon pointed out, your site is a lawsuit waiting to happen if you are selling trademarked items and do not have authorization from the owner of those trademarks to do so. China couldn't care less about trademark law. You should!
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    Hi Dustin,

    I have go through your problem. I would suggest you to go for google adwords campaign. it definitely give you the desired result in your niche.

    I am a freelancer and working on my projects and i am getting the good results from google adwords. You have to understand the thing how google adwords works?

    You are selling iPhone cases it has much potential. You can get results from google adwords for sure. It gives you the potential customers who are actively searching for a particular product. As i said, i m a freelancer, i can also set up your campaign.

    Whatsapp/ Ping me: +91-9990157079

    Hopefully, It will help you
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    Basically many people will recommend you add the call to actions and change a color of your button. Web sites are different, and so are their visitors. But there are things that are equally annoying for everyone. Therefore I think that you can start with simple points. Fix these things, improve user experience and get an increase in conversion on your website.

    - Aggressive pop-ups

    - Low website speed and heavy pages

    - Preloaders

    - Hamburger menu

    - Complicated website navigation

    These elements will surely help you getting good results.
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    Take a look on your landing page. If it has super UI, it's half of success.
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    Well. You need to do specific target on facebook. You can target interested niche for iphone case.I am watching there are more possibility getting more sell.
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    Getting traffic to your website is great but it doesn't convert its useless. here are some following techniques you can use for conversion.
    1. An effective CTA (call to action) commands attention and encourages the visitor to complete the action, whether it is a purchase, placing a phone call or completing a form.
    2. Include stock numbers.
    If you have a tangible product, include the number of remaining stock with your product descriptions (for example: "Order now ... only 3 left in stock").
    3. Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads.
    4. Use pictures of happy, smiling people.
    5. Use high-quality images.
    6. Include consumer reviews
    7. Use a chat tool
    8. Don't offer too many options
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    I think his site is down?
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    His site is also not loading for me.
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    I cannot access your website. Is that taken down now?
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    Great Information sharing i am very happy to read this forum post. Thanks for giving us go through info. I appreciate your work.
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