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I sell matching Mommy and Me Fashions. I need to get more people to my website People love my store and I get great reviews. I just need more people to find my store. I promote my store on FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Google, Bing and more that I cannot even remember! I have spend over $1k on ads. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Hook up with mommy bloggers and become a respected member of the many new mothers forums out there.
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    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox News, the NY Times & Flippa
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      Thank you. I do try to do this also but it's very hard to know where to hook up. I will keep trying.
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      We have to follow seo techniques like on page and OFF page and can also do content marketing.
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    You get more customers by giving of your time and talent. Help more folks for free across a wide range of platforms. Folks who want what you offer. Sales grow through your generous service.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my course here
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    I think you should use Shopping Campaign to boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads.
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    You should try to see which media brings in the majority of the leads and then try to focus only on that and became really strong.

    Try to see if the Pareto Law apply to your business, the 80/20 principle and focus on the 20% of the leads that bring in 80% of the sales

    If you are interested in having a Done-for-you WordPress Website for FREE visit my WSO to have more info.

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    what kind of following do you have on insta? youtube your goin have to offer some kind of value back, do videos about your stresses and pains of being a parent in regards to finding clothing for your children etc forget about doing any sales and offer value then you can go in with the sales stuff

    No Lies, No BS, Just Good Info So All Can Succeed
    Visit Steven shillingford

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  • I would like to recommend you that shift your focus towards SEO and try to bring more and more organic results. Once your keywords get ranked organically then you can easily get good traffic and good business. It is good that you are involved with the promotion over social media platform such as FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Google.
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      I would like to recommend you that shift your focus towards SEO and try to bring more and more organic results. Once your keywords get ranked organically then you can easily get good traffic and good business. It is good that you are involved with the promotion of social media platform such as FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Google.
      SEO is very good to focus on for long-term, I think you can do much more with SEO on your site and you will get more organic traffic to your site! maybe you can think about open an affiliate program on your site and sellers will try to sell your items also.

      Good luck.
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    Originally Posted by MomMe And More View Post

    I sell matching Mommy and Me Fashions. I need to get more people to my website People love my store and I get great reviews. I just need more people to find my store. I promote my store on FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Google, Bing and more that I cannot even remember! I have spend over $1k on ads. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Do you have any type of strategic referral system in place?

    If people love your store, and you're getting great reviews, then that's just a couple steps away from having raving fans who are evangelists for you and your store.

    Having a customer leave a positive review, is great... But having that customer send their friends and family to your store, is better.

    If only half of your current customer base, each send just 2 or 3 friends to your store, how many new visitors would that be for you?

    And we're talking about visitors who are interested in similar things as the friend who referred them. And they're already pre-sold on doing business with you, because you were recommended by a trusted friend (it doesn't get much better than that)

    The key is to have a system in place to ask for the referrals from every satisfied customer.

    This can sometimes be accomplished by simply thanking your customers for their purchase, and asking them to "tell a friend." (Usually we need to get a bit more creative. But this is where testing and tweaking your system, and your message, comes into play)

    And if you can make it easy (and potentially exciting) for people to send you referrals... even better.

    Which brings me to my second question...

    Do you have a follow up system in place for keeping in touch with current customers?

    If people love your store and your products, and they're happy with you, it's fairly easy to follow up and ask for referrals. (Just make sure you ask for the referrals in a way that doesn't come across as begging, or demanding, or totally self serving)

    Also, follow up marketing is the best way to make repeat sales. (it's always easier to make repeat sales to happy customers who trust you, than it is to make the first sale to a stranger who doesn't know you, yet)


    SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Flow Specialist
    Coming soon - Copywriters Community (Newbie friendly... Copywriter approved...)

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    For driving more customer you can do SEO. But SEO takes too much time to give you with the traffic to your website.

    So another way of getting more customer is to advertise your website on the best and cheapest advertising networks.

    Some ad networks are the best alternative to AdWords. This is now the first choice of most of startup business owners. Because Google AdWords is the most costly for them.

    And here they pay only $ 0.01 for each real click on ads by the visitors with in the advertising network.

    So, they are getting huge visitors to their website.

    I Hope this will do.
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    You can promote your fashion products on online fashion marketplaces which let you show off your products photos along with a link to the actual product page on your website.
    Examples -

    Also, if you are offering any discounts/coupons then flaunting them on coupon/deals websites can also help.

    Next, try contacting some fashion bloggers to cover your brand or products in some blog of theirs. This way you can utilize their already established audience to promote your products.
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    Effective Sales Training Tips
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    You need to find where your customer audience is hanging out. Is it in coffee shops? Is it on Facebook? Is it on smaller forums?

    If you don't know any online forums where thet are - go out and talk to them! As weird as it sounds, stand near a school and ask them questions.

    You just want as much information as possible.
    Procrastination is Stopping You From Making Money. Beat The Habit Today!
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    I would focus more on SEO than buying traffic.
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    Follow On and Off page seo and do content marketing.
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  • Regardless of on the off chance that you as of now have your online store for quite a while or you are simply beginning your enterprise with internet business-you won't succeed except if you can pull in customers to your e-business.

    Obviously, that sound like it it simpler said than done- securing clients for an online store might be extremely troublesome and tedious.

    To make this procedure simpler, recorded for you 5 best ways that will enable you to get loads of movement without spending a gigantic spending plan.

    1. An excellent store
    2. Internet based life action
    3. Client mind
    4. Promos
    5. Email advertising.
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    You should first look at the websites that are in the niche in which you have made your website and research about them. Contact the owner of these websites and learn the techniques from them. Also, you have to apply various digital marketing parameters like SEO, SMO for the upliftment of ranking of your website.
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    I think that by doing SEO and SMO you can increase your website traffic and get a better position in google. If you get a good position in google you will get more customers for your Products.
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  • Hey! you can just optimize your ads by adding extensions such as call to action. Just add phone number so that people will just call you by clicking on the icon displayed on your add. Even add Google map to display the location of your store. Also while displaying the ads make sure that your ads are shown only to the people are actually interested in buying from your store.
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    You need to do On Page and Off Page SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing(SMO), then you can get more customers for your business. SEO and SMO help you to increase visitors or customers to your websites.
    Another way of getting more customer is to advertise your website in Google AdWords. Google AdWords is most popular advertising network, post your adds here and get more customers for your website.
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    that can only be possible through SEO..there are many tools for that you can start with forum posting but that should be relevant with your subjected topic...Rather Than that you can visit google for more information related to off page and on page...
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    First of all, you need to find all requirements of customer who wants to shop these type of products. After you know, you can easily think the best and relevant keywords for your website. You should start seo for your website and wait 3-4 months for rank higher in Google. Nowdays Social Media helps many business to improve visitors. With the help of Facebook ads you can easily target your audience you have to make some little investments on these camphaign. After you get traffic on your website, with the help of some seo strategies you can easily convert your visitors into customers.
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    Of course the main way to do it is search engines. According to statistics, all the cream is removed by those who are in the top lines of search results. The first 3-5 sites account for 80% of visitors - which is why all sites that can be found in the search engines as high as possible.
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    Some folks here have suggested that you do SEO, and I agree. Yes, it's going to take some time to take effect, and it does take quite a bit of work for site pages to rank organically, but think of it as a long-term investment. Optimize your site for the search engine. If you have the time and the skill, have a go at writing blog posts for your site. You can outsource some of the work if you have to. And like dave_hermansen mentioned, you'll definitely want to get in touch with mommy bloggers and influencers.
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    Hi MomMe And More,
    You will have to hire SEO Expert to track all these website traffic from all resources and they will generate more traffic for your project.
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    Why don't you use Shopify's own boosting service? Just follow following links to get more traffic:-
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    When searching for a market on Facebook don't just look for moms.

    Consider us grandma's, too. We often have more disposable income then new mothers and we're always looking for ways to spend money on our daughters and grandbabies

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    By doing these four tips you can able to get more customers for your website.
    1. Create an amazing blog.
    2. Give (some of) your best work away for free.
    3. Borrow someone else's audience.
    4. Get your content into circulation.
    Mainly concentrate on your website to improve the quality.
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    If you want to increase the number of people visiting your website, you must offer real value to visitors. It would be helpful to review your site regularly. Feel free to watch comments: If product questions are recurring, you can add details that are important to your customers but that you will have missed. On the other hand, if your goal is to increase the traffic on your website, there are additional steps you can take.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Appvalley Tutuapp Tweakbox
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    SEO and Google shopping Ads are the best choices, depending on how many time you have ahead
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  • To get more customer to your site you need to promote your website.
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    By doing Search Engine optimization you can easily create traffic for your website.
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    In order to to get more customers to your website, we must implement the following:
    1. Make friends in high places
    2. Create a ambitious group project and invite your readers to participate.
    3. In your email for new subscribers, point them to your social media profiles
    so they can connect with you in different ways.
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    Hi i suggest you as below
    'Content is the King' - So, focus on offering content that're interactive, information and crispy for visitors. Write content and keep them posted in various places - be it - Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc.
    Write lots of good content. This is so important because people coming to your website will only have one motive - information. If you're offering that, than they will stay and possible referrer to their friends. Also, content adds to S.E.O. and good S.E.O. means lots of traffic.
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    here is my top advice to my friends that have an ecommerce site looking for traffic. First, start a referral program, I recommend . Next I recommend to start autoresponders and I recommend

    Next, I recommend to use . These tool will allow you to add your competitors and see what keywords they use. Then you can any find more competitors when you enter your competitors. Go after keywords that it tells you is not that competitive.

    The tool will let you know good ones to go after.
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    Content is king
    A good content will always attracts user to stay on website So, focus on offering content that're interactive, information and crispy for visitors.
    You have to do proper seo, adward, Smo, Lead generation
    some are the following points have to work on it to increase customer to website

    link building
    guest blogging

    Having a good website design is necessary User feel is something very significant. It is normally mentioned no where but yes the more organized website will make user stay on the website for larger time period
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    Ways to get more customers to your website:
    1. Content should be good
    2. Publish a new blog
    3. Write a landing page
    4. Steal the traffic resources of your competitors
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      Thank you. How do you write a landing page and how do I steal traffic? Is that legal? Thank you.
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      One of the other ways is getting a Local SEO citations
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    First thing is that content is king in SEO.
    You have to do content optimization, manage keyword density, keyword proximity, use focus keywords, Guest blogging, Email Marketing .
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    You need to up your game on social media. Great visuals are extremely important on a lot of these platforms.

    Your Instagram feed has so-so pictures. You need better photography. You're competing with thousands of other feeds that have way better photos to attract viewers eyeballs.

    The same goes for YouTube. Your videos are not really interesting, and you don't upload consistently.

    Your Facebook page is just a big advertisement for your store with mediocre photos. You are not doing anything to get visitors to engage with your page.

    For these platforms, you really need to improve your visuals.

    I believe you have to rethink your strategy for each social media platform. See what others are doing. Don't look at the crap, but look at the better pages, video channels, and accounts and emulate them. You seem to be putting up content for the sake of putting up content, and now I hope you realize that it takes more than just having an account on these sites to attract interest. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

    Maybe, pick one platform that you like and concentrate on that until you get something working. Then move on to the next and the next after that. If you can't create great photos then find or hire someone that can. Try to find a student in school that can take great photos. Look on Craigslist for someone that you can pay to take better photos, or learn to do it yourself. Nowadays, a smartphone is all you need to take great photos, so the equipment shouldn't be a problem.

    Find smartphone apps that can't help you make great content for social media. One that I like is the free GoPro Quik app. You can create short interesting videos that display your items with words for Facebook and Instagram. Find a meme app and add words like quotes to photos and put them up in your feeds. Make pretty content and give it to your viewers. Make them want to engage with you and look forward to seeing what is on your feed, channel, or page.

    Here are examples of things you can do:

    My name is Ken Katz and I am a Web Designer and Photographer. My motto: "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." -Jim Rohn

    Celebrity Portrait Photgapher - My Photography Portfolio.

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  • try to put email opt-in box in your website and build your email list. Writing perfect blog would be the best option too
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    Have you tried offline advertising with proximity marketing?
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    You can post your Offer ads Free Classified ads to get some customer for your business.
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    You can get a SEO for your website.
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  • Use Content Marketing and even you can plan some offers too on your products. Your shop is for fashion product so With this you can go for video shoot for the website that is video marketing. Hope these options will help you to get more customer.
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    Using content marketing, you can achieve your target audience.
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    You can order advertising from bloggers, providing them with their services / products in return for advertising, ie barter.

    Barter advertising today is very popular and effective.
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    10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website.
    1 Perform On-Page SEO.
    2. Get Listed
    3 Start Email Marketing
    Advertise Online.
    Guest Blog
    Engage Online
    Learn from Your Analytics
    and make more powerful Acoount Social
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  • Try to list your products in different Market Places like Amazon & Ebay etc

    Please try to increase your organic traffic rather than advertisement

    Give coupon codes to your costumers.

    One of our client started a game for their customers. The game is very simple. If a customer give a product request to their 25 friends from the client shop, that customer will get one product (Shirt, Pants etc). Client got enough customers and now the website is great. I can not reveal the name of that clients. Please use this type of game and share your game via facebook and other social media
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  • Hi, I think you should go for Search engine optimization with list of top keywords that drive more traffic to you website.
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    if you so need more customers, then focus on FB page content and engagement as well as SEO blog content
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    I think you should use Shopping Campaign to boost traffic
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  • First of all, regularly update your social profile and creat post, image share, classified ads etc. help to boost Google ranking, DA, PA rank. Article Submission is more beneficial if related your products, services, also focus your location, some trending keyword match with your products, service etc. Hire an SEO expert to get more result.
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    Originally Posted by MomMe And More View Post

    I sell matching Mommy and Me Fashions. I need to get more people to my website People love my store and I get great reviews. I just need more people to find my store. I promote my store on FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Google, Bing and more that I cannot even remember! I have spend over $1k on ads. Any suggestions? Thank you.
    Have you tried making people keep your website close to them? This is what I always proffer. Why don't build an android application (i can build one if you want me to), get it uploaded to google playstore and begin marketing it. Meanwhile keep doing all the updates you. When people begin downloading your app and installing it on their phone, you would have succeeded in making them have your website on their phone. So it becomes a lot easier to check out products on your website.

    I will create amazing Android Apps for you. PM Me

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    Doing adwords is fine but only sharing your product on social media will not give you best results. You can focus more on brand building.

    You can try following:
    SEO with quality strategies
    Email Marketing
    Social Media
    Content writing and sharing
    Influences Marketing etc.
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    Hi .,

    you can run an own forum or campaigns within your site. it will help to engage your customer,new customer also and you can find the customer need also.,
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    You should pay more attention on SEO techniques like on page & off page seo, your business place should not be in a remote location, add google map location of your business.
    You can also run attractive discount packages of your products to attract more customers.
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    Thnaks a lot
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    the paid ad will give you instant result since it is product base thing shopping ad will work out for you.

    Coming back to organic listing create back link from various source by posting an content along with images.

    Also every week optimise your content
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    My suggestion: stop focusing on getting "traffic" but instead focus on building relationships!

    When you build relationships and find out who needs what, you can THEN recommend they go to your site . . and since they will trust you, they will refer and share you as well!

    Have you thought about starting a group coaching program, but don't know how?

    If so, Watch This YouTube Video: Group Coaching Program

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    Forgetting the more customers on your website, you need to work on SEO/ Leave your website link on other sites such as by:-

    • Image Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Classified Ads
    • Directory submission
    • Join Google Group and create a backlink on it of your websites
    • Do Quora

    I think you should do these activities and by these methods only you can easily get new or more customers on your website.
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    Not sure if this has been suggested but have your tried using structured data to make your product pages more Google-friendly?
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    First thing: At the beginning focus only on 1 traffic source.
    Master it & then go to the next.
    You can use different FREE traffic methods (to build your Fb pixel data) such as:

    - Instagram DIRECT MESSAGES
    Offer people (moms) to become an ambassador (representative's) at your brand...

    How to find a targeted audience?
    Find big brands IG (in the same niche)...

    What to write?

    Here's a template that worked for me very good...

    Message 1:

    ''Hey there! We love your feed! We are looking at recruiting some reps for our new brand and think you'd be a perfect fit. Are you interested?''

    When they say 'yes' send them this message:

    Okay. Here are the details...

    So the first step is to get 20% off your order!

    From there we create a 15% promo code for you and every 5 uses that you can send for your followers, friends, family - after that, we send you a FREE piece of your choice from our site!

    You'll be posted on our page and it's a great chance for you to really get some exposure! Are you ready to get started and become a rep? <3

    Check products here

    Something like this...

    But yea - you should build your Instagram following as well...

    Hope this helped!

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