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Hi Guys, Been using namecheap for several years. Ran into an impasse with them today. I have multiple businesses in multiple countries but just one namecheap account.

they sent me a threatening letter saying they are doing to change all my domains information to match my profile which only allows one jurisdiction. I don't care if I have to move my domains to different providers if they are all going to be doing this.

However I'm reaching out to the community here to find out if there are providers who allow different domain address information depending on the jurisdiction it is in. I was not treated well by namecheap and they do not have a phone line that I can call them to resolve. Frankly I find some of the chat people for NC to be jerks. Regardless I'm through with them. Looking for affordable options and give highest priority to those with telephone access instead of only ticket or chat.

Please post this to the best section if "product reviews" is not the best place for this.
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