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I am gonna start with dropshipping with aliexpress this summer. i have a question about contacting suppliers. Do i only contact them so that i can ask them if they work with dropshipers. Or do i have to fill out a list (or a form, i dont know what its called, im from Europe by the way).

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    What you do depends largely on who you are going to sell to. Generally speaking, it is best to contact suppliers that are in the areas you will be selling to. If you will be selling to Europe, you'll want to contact suppliers in Europe. If you are selling to the USA/Canada, you'll want suppliers there.

    I can tell you for a fact that most U.S. suppliers do not want to work with any websites that are not in the U.S. There are too many issues such as no EIN or Social Security number, which they require, as well as no way to get a sales tax certificate if you are not located in a U.S. state. You really need to set up a U.S. LLC, get a U.S. phone number and forwarding address to have a decent chance of getting U.S. suppliers. (Not to mention currency conversion issues which will take a nice hunk out of your profits.)

    Ideally, you will be marketing to Europe. If that is the case, get on the phone and convince brands located in Europe or their European distributors that you know what you are doing. If they need a form filled out (they will), they will tell you. Don't just fill out forms or email and hope for the best. Nothing in the world is easier to ignore than an email. Make human contact, establish rapport and credibility first.
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      LLC isn't necessary if they are small, no budget and have not much to invest.
      Pick your industry and email the businesses that unload the most money wholesale advertising. Enough digging and emailing and you will find suppliers for your business.
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