Selling on Amazon Platform or My Own eCommerce Store

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I want to start my own eCommerce business.

Is it a good choice to sell on Amazon platform or my own eCommerce store built with Magento/Shopify?

What's the good and bad of these two choices?

Thank you in advance!

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    Before figuring out how you are going to sell, you first need to figure out what you are going to sell and how you are going to get that product. Are you going to make it yourself? Are you going to buy it in bulk and ship it? Are you going to dropship it?

    The platform you use to move the product(s) might hinge on the answers to those questions because those answers will dictate what your profit margin and profit per sale is and how fast you might need to move the product.
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    There's no easy answer to that. But if we have to play, Amazon is going to provide you fast sales and no future, and your own web store is going to give you no sales in the beggining but a future where you can become a solid brand.
    If you need to sell right now, maybe you can sell on Amazon with a different name, while you are building you own reputation with your own store...
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    Do your research on both options before you decide.

    There are lots of reasons to sell on Amazon, including a trusted marketplace with an already-wide reach. (See:

    On the other hand, there are also plenty of benefits for starting your own store. If you have your own store, you own your customers, can take control of your branding, and have more control of your marketing. (See:

    Here's a little more info on the pros and cons of both options.

    Good: Wide reach, access to Prime, simple to get started.
    Bad: No control over changing rules, fulfillment could get expensive (see:, risk of account suspension, ridgid guidelines, high competition.

    Good: Focused shoppers (no competition once they're on your website), can invest more in marketing (ie. paid ads, SEO), control over your channels and rules, set your own policies (ie. returns).
    Bad: Higher upfront costs (developing and designing your website), more difficult to get processes in place, potentially less reach until you spend more time generating leads.

    If you're a first-time eCommerce seller, I recommend getting started with Amazon while you start building your own eCommerce store. Once you have your processes in place, it's best to go multi-channel anyway.
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    I would say Amazon because in the Jungle of eCommerce Amazon is the only elephant that can help you explore it adventurously.

    Here's WHY?

    Amazon gives huge traffic and that is a major reason along with the chance of making sale that Amazon provides you through its algorithm. But don't take it for granted my friend and don't think it could work like an autopilot system. NO!

    Amazon always welcomes and support new sellers. And, another good reason is you can expand to other marketplaces and make sales by harnessing the power of trust and credibility of Amazon. However, you build your own credibility among your customers on Amazon.

    You also get to find lots of free & paid resources including Amazon seller software, eBooks, video tutorials, guides, and lot more to help you excel on Amazon. In case of Shopify, all these resources might be available but definitely not as much as for Amazon sellers.

    Nevertheless, Shopify is also a popular choice of eCommerce startups. You have the better idea of your vision about your new business so why not try both?
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    Amazon itself has a huge traffic base, so you can get traffic faster.
    The advantage of building your own website is that you can customize everything on your website.
    Chinabrands is an established leading global drop shipping platform that goes with offering thousands of the most popular products .
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    There is a way you can do both. By all means get started on Amazon, but you must remember that the customers are Amazon's. Amazon TOS prohibit you from contacting their (your) customers, but there is a simple way around that.

    Not only do you set up your own eCommerce business, but you brand and label your products with labeling that includes your eCommerce site URL. That does not infringe Amazon's TOS.

    Not every buyer who purchases your product on Amazon will visit your site simply because your URL is on the label, but many will, particularly if they are very pleased with your product. Others will visit just out of curiosity.

    If you make your website interesting and user friendly, perhaps even offering some bonus to those who buy there, that can give you an opportunity to sell related products without paying fees to Amazon for those sales.

    Don't be satisfied with an ordinary label that just identifies you as a different vendor to the others selling similar products. Consider making your brand stand out from the crowd.

    Walter Hay
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  • you have both option to open your own e-commerce business or you can choose to go with Amazon.

    If you go with Amazon you don't need to build an audience for your product's audience drove automatically to your products.
    as per my view you have to make your own e-commerce site that give you more profit may be at the beginning of your business you get some difficulties but after some time you get more profits to compare with Amazon.
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  • Amazon itself has a gigantic movement base, so you can get activity quicker.
    The upside of building your very own site is that you can redo everything on your site.
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      Originally Posted by roberwilliams01 View Post

      Amazon itself has a gigantic movement base, so you can get activity quicker.
      The upside of building your very own site is that you can redo everything on your site.
      There is no reason why you should not do both, and in fact there are good reasons why you should.

      In my post above, I explain how you can take advantage of Amazon's huge traffic, yet without contravening their TOS you can get your Amazon customers to your own store.

      Any online seller who knows what he/she is doing should be able to work out how to encourage their Amazon customers to visit their own eCommerce site, where they will have opportunities to upsell, and collect email addresses.

      If you choose to brand and label your products, it is worth considering making your brand memorable with labels that tap into the emotions of your buyers.

      I have taught many people how to do that.

      Walter Hay
      Don't just slap on a label. Build a GREAT BRAND Safe sourcing and easy importing from China & many other countries.
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    Well the Choice depends on what you are selling, Amazon provides you fast shiping support and a platform with global outreach. Maintaining a E-commerce store is a difficult thing and require good investment. Moreover the delivery should be fast so you need to hire a Courier facility.
    Currently you can sell on Amazon and later go for your own website if you need.
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