New ecommerce business troubles.

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I have just opened an Ecommerce business in Florida (selling non-branded items online, average price is 50$),with it: LLC, business checking account.. whole package. What I ran into is merchant account providers are not really going out of their way to work with me for some reason. Perhaps, because the business is brand-new ecommerce? Being there is a lot of fraud and stuff like that? My credit record is excellent, no prior account closures or bankruptcies, etc... Would anyone suggest a merchant account provider who would be happy working with me, with fast account approval and not a lot of paperwork required? Thanks in advance!
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    Most processing companies do not have a problem unless you are selling something that is on the their forbidden or "high risk" list. Stripe pretty much accepts everybody, for instance.

    If you are selling something that they consider "high risk", Durango Merchant Services is who we recommend. Be sure to tell them "Store Coach" sent you because they have a special setup for Store Coach people.
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    I would go with paypal payments pro with gateway. You can access this through your dashaboard. It is not the same as just accepting paypal, they are a credit card merchant just like all the others.
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    Managing an e-commerce business involves a crazy amount of activity. You have to be do that properly.
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