dropshipping from ali 2018?

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do you think dropshipping from aliexpress is still working good in 2018?

I mean it's been a while n I've never done dropshipping like those courses promoted here n there , I wanna try to tap into that model.

any experience on this guys?
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  • Yes, it still works. The most important thing is you know how to drive targeted traffic to the hot product for sales conversion.
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    Whether it works or not is almost 100% based on the product. It is not going to work for generic wallets and belts or anything you can buy practically everywhere. It either needs to be something everyone is talking about, it has to solve a problem that is always on someone's mind or it has to have a "wow" factor (like, "wow, I've never seen anything so cool" or "wow, that's perfect for me"). And, it has to be at a price point that people will instantly click and buy it.

    THEN, it comes down to marketing it to the right people.
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    No. Customers will not put up with 14+ day delivery anymore and they are becoming wise to the low-quality products sourced from AliExpress.

    However, dropshipping is still a viable business model. With a platform like Shopify, you have access to plenty of US based suppliers offering high-quality products at competitive products. You won't be able to beat someone like Amazon or Walmart, but you can still claim your fair share of the market. Just don't sacrifice quality for price.
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    Yes, it still works but takes a lot of knowledge and experience to make it happen.

    My advice is to get a coach or an expert to set it up for you or $20,000+ to make mistakes and master.
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    Short answer

    Yes, it 100% still works. It's just slightly harder. People are waking up. So make sure it's a product they love and need!

    Be smart about it. Think of the problems of aliexpress dropshipping and find solutions.

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    Yes still work but you have to target the right product for the right people
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    Yes,It still works.
    First, You should choose the reliable Aliexpress suppliers.
    Then, Choose suitable products to sell on other marketplaces
    Chinabrands is an established leading global drop shipping platform that goes with offering thousands of the most popular products .
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