Ebay Dropshipping Dead?

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Quick rundown... I started DS items on eBay summer 2017. I had some small success in the beginning earned a few hundred dollars and then eBay cracked down and put a ban on the hunting stuff I was selling and my sales have been a trickle ever since. I try to list a few items a month to see how they do but I have next to no luck. In the past 31 days I've had 6 sales.I spend about two hours a day trying to research new items to list and prune the ones I have I try to keep around 10-20 items up. I am just wondering am I doing something wrong? I am sourcing items for Aliexpress and DH gate, Is DS dead and Im wasting my time? I am trying to grow it organically and not using a listing software and Im not too keen on sniping by DS genie. Im just kind of lost at this point and felt like I got super into DS and was headed in the right direction and then had the rug pulled right out from me.

Any tips, ideas or tricks to help me find a new direction for my eBay DS store.

Should I snipe and or list more, or should I just move on and accept this isn't going anywhere?
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    Don't put all of your eggs in the eBay basket. A whole lot of people would rather cut off an arm than purchase something through eBay, so you are really limiting your reach if that is the only place you are trying to sell things. Build your own website that you can market. List items on other platforms (like Amazon if the margins are good).
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    It's quite simple to answer, NO DS isn't dead.
    Ask me how i know? Well, the answer is in your mail.
    The first hunting items you were listing was selling
    well until it was banned by ebay. And every other thing
    you listed were all wrong products.

    Again, find what works.
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