Best way to do repeat custom orders on shopify?

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Hi guys,

I have a concept in mind for a new fashion store that I want to set up on Shopify.

My idea is that people will have the option to buy either pre-made or bespoke fashion items.

To create a bespoke item, I will get them to respond to 6 multiple choice questions which will inform how the item is designed. I will also need to add in some additional info myself to make the item truly unique.

Once the item is created, I would then like to give the customer the option to easily re-order the same item.

Does this sound like something that would be doable on shopify?

Could the custom orders be stored in each user's account so that they can re-order them in future? The problem is that the customer's answers to the 6 questions won't be the full extent of the custom item, because I will need to look at the answers and add details myself. Not sure how this can be implemented?

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