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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to start out my dropshipping business. I already tried with shopify+oberlo+aliexpress, but it was a fail since shopify was not entirely customizable (or not as I wanted to), plus it was very hard to manage the products (for instance, if the same product had variations of colors, I would have to insert manually the SKUs), it didn't offer many payment options (since I'm not from US, only paypal worked, but not everyone has a paypal account so it narrowed the pool for customers), the shipping from China took forever, and so on..

So I decided to take the matters into my own hands, I purchased a domain and I'm counting on my HTML abilities to fully customize it. I did a lot of research on how to turn a simple website into an ecommerce one, but still the information is not clear.

Maybe someone can help me out:

- how can I import products from, a wholesale website, for instance? I found Shoprocket, which adds eCommerce functionality to your existing website,they provide product and store management - but I think it works best if you have your own products to sell, not for dropship which requires importing of products. Are there better websites with this functionality?
- how can I automate the order process? most of the wholesales work best for integrated ecommerce apps like shopify;
- as for the online payment, I found this website called vCita which is a mini CRM tool (customer relationship management) which lets you add different methods of online payment to your website, send invoices, soasf). Is this any good or is there any way of adding online/credit card payment if I'm outside US?

So basically I have a website and want to turn it into a dropshipping one, but since there is no automation, I would have to manually add the directories with photos& prices and place the order manually on the wholesale site for each of the customers. I was hoping I can avoid that.

Maybe someone who did a website like this can give me an idea. If there is coding involved please let me know which language is best for automation.

Many, many thanks!!
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    Let me see if I understand correctly ...

    You weren't able to generate orders with the old website but you are already worried about getting so many orders with this new website, that spending 3 minutes per order processing them will just be too time consuming.

    You also live in a country that pretty much no payment processors will do business with but you think that moving from the Shopify platform to another one is going to solve that.

    You intend on building the website from scratch, using just HTML but you somehow think you can do a better job than the established eCommerce platforms that already exist. I'm not really sure if that is what you are saying because I don't know what "customize a domain with HTML" means.

    You want to somehow automate the importing of products and their images even though you are not using a platform that any supplier would already integrate with. Again, maybe you are. It is very unclear what platform you are using.

    I think before you get too far into it, you better take a serious look at PCI compliance. I guarantee you that those credit card industry standards for creating a secure website will be more than you can handle. Without passing that compliance test, you'll never get a real payment processor.

    You also need to figure out how you are going to get customers because importing the same exact product images and descriptions that already exist is a sure-fire way to not get any of your product pages indexed. Even if they are indexed, don't count on them ever ranking well.

    And, of course, do you really have any clue what you are going to sell and where you are going to get these products? Do you know that they are going to sell? It really starts there.

    It seems like you are looking for an easy way of making money and despite what many scam artists out there will tell you, it doesn't exist. Making money online takes a lot of hard work. That's why so many people fail.

    Honestly, I'm not trying to be mean. I just think that sometimes people need a bit of a reality check.
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      Hi Dave!

      Thank you for your answer.

      I'm new to this, that's why I had so many questions that maybe don't make sense.

      You said I was just looking to make easy money, but in my opinion, using a platform like Shopify where you just add items with a single click and you do not necessarily have to modify anything - is the definition of easy money.

      I was looking to fully customize every aspect of it. Also the domain - for instance - mystore.shopify.com - does not look professional at all. Another issue is that I don't want to work with the Chinese suppliers since I had a lot of issues with them, that's why I was looking for a way to have products from elsewhere.

      You weren't able to generate orders with the old website but you .... - why do you assume this? I said that I don't like the platform (shopify) and I do not like working with the Chinese websites that offer dropshipping and I want to switch up.

      I have decided on the products and have a base of customers, I also work with an associate who helps me out with marketing on facebook and instagram to promote the products - this is not the issue.

      Since I was able to get orders, I was worried that on my own website, where I don't have any automated process, it will be hard to keep track.

      "You also live in a country that pretty much no payment processors will do business with but you think that moving from the Shopify platform to another one is going to solve that" - again you assume things without knowing. I was trying to say that I want to offer MORE payment options (other than paypal) since I am trying to make the site visible all over the world and again, NOT EVERYONE USES PAYPAL. I'm trying to offer more options of payment.

      I honestly am disappointed that with your whole 13 years of activity in this field you weren't able to give even a single piece of advice. Maybe you work for Shopify and you were offended that I pick on you precious platform - honestly, not trying to be mean.

      Thank you anyways!
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