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So I have been dropshipping on eBay since May 2018 within that month I made a neat profit of $xxx. As I had pretty low prices to obtain more sales and get the feedback pumping in. June I made another $xxx. However, last month was terrible and I only had a profit of $xxx This month seems to be slow and sales are all over the place.. So far I have profited around $xxx.

I would love to avg at least 1k a month. As this is reasonable and I am not into the whole get rich scheme.

My question is should I start droppingshipping on Amazon? or rather target a Niche and either sell on my own site or use the platforms available to me like eBay and Amazon .. or just stick to what I am doing now and reassess in the next few months?

I welcome your responses.

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    Hi Louisa ,
    How are you Doing !
    I have a question for you please what's websites using for dropshipping ?
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        Thanks man for your answer , [Ebay +Chinabrands] Chinabrands has a shipping slow ,people use amazon or Walmart cuz have fast shipping
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    First off, for many niches, July and August are particularly slow because they are heavy vacation months. People are out enjoying the summer and spending a lot on vacations, leaving less time and money for buying things online.

    Of course, the fall isn't so great, either, for a myriad of reasons (partly because they still have no money left from summer vacations, partly because school is starting and a bunch of money is spent on school clothes and supplies and partly because they have to save up for Christmas spending, I suspect).

    That said, if you've got the profit margins, why not try Amazon, too? Other than very minimal listing fees, you only pay Amazon when people buy things.

    Ultimately, it certainly doesn't hurt to have your own eCommerce website where you can start using other forms of advertising - Facebook ads, Google/Bing. Plus, it might give you an opportunity to cash in on some repeat and referral customers without having to pay Amazon or eBay a dime!
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    I wanted to ask you what was your first items when you started your dropshiping on ebay
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    I suggest you to get as much leverage as you can, when it comes to dropshipping you need hot products. You have customers that have already bought from, which makes them more valuable than you realize. If you wish to continue with your current business and wish to make more money, you should focus on retargeting to your customers via email. Email marketing can make your profits skyrocket easily, you've already made sales so clearly their interested in what you bring to the market, so by simply remarketing to those customers can increase your profits and build a strong relationship between you and your audience. The way to do this is by setting up an abandoned cart email sequence notifying them when they were last on your website and what product they were interested in, which can urge them to go back to your store and buy it or even better buy more! Something else you need is a welcome series which are emails you send in a sequence that builds a relationship with your list, this can start with an introduction to your brand to sharing stories with your subscribers. By doing this you build trust and increase interest! You could also send special offers you have going on like 50% off on things or buy 1 get 2 free, something that incentivises them which make them want to buy. This can do wonders for you, If you would like a more in depth guide or explaination of this process I'd be happy to help! Shoot me a message if you would like some assistance or tips of any kind

    Best of Luck!
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