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With Dropshipping from Ali-Express being pretty easy to buy from for anybody, how does one warrant selling for more on their own websites?

It's a question I've been thinking about since launching my own e-commerce website using Ali-Express.

Whenever I see a product I like online, I'll usually have a google around to see the best prices for that product. If you're listing for example a gaming headset on your website from Ali-Express, I google that headset to see if it's a good price, I stumble upon Ali-Express selling the same product, same shipping times for much less.

Are we supposed to assume people don't do this thing and buy immediately? I guess it would be easier with a piece of jewellery, but with a branded bit of Tech for example, how does one overcome this potential issue?
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    People who are doing drop shipping are mostly hitting potential prospects with Facebook Ads. Your offer should be so damn good that your prospect trigger the wallet and purchase your product.

    Most potential customers don't bother searching for same stuff on Amazon , eBay or on Ali express. Don't think too much about it and complicate things just start and take action.
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    One thing you learn very quickly in this business is to not base expectations of what other people do on what you do, yourself.

    Two things keep most people from doing that:

    1) If your product costs somewhere in the $20-$40 range, many people do not have the time to shop around to save a dollar or two. They see something is $27, think it is a good price, and buy it.

    2) Many people are extremely hesitant to buy from Chinese companies. They think they are buying from you - a non-Chinese company.
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