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Hi, I am in a planning stage of starting my own dropshipping business. I have purchased a domain name for this business and wondered if I could use sub-domains to differentiate my products. As a example, if I sell toys I can setup https://toys.mydomain.com and if I want to branch out to sell fragrances I can setup https://fragrances.mydomain.com and so on. My hosting plan allows me to add unlimited sub-domains. Seems like a good idea but I wonder if there are implications I have not thought of. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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  • You can surely do that, but I don't think it's a good idea. You should use http://domain.com/category

    What platform are you going to use ?
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      Hi, I am using wordpress. Reading about subdomain vs subfolder, I gather that there are some uncertainties if Google treats both the same or not. Also, if using subfolders, customers will be confused if they go upstream from say mydomain.com/fragrances to look at mydomain.com which will not have anything to do with fragrances. There won't be any confusion if I use fragrances.mydomain.com.
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      • I am not an SEO expert but as far as I know subdomains are treated as separate website which is going to affect your SEO efforts

        You should use woocommerce plugin with WordPress and manage using categories and subcategories
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    It may impact your ranking factors if you do it that way. I suppose it depends on the way you are promoting the site. If it is via paid ads then not as important

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      Yes, I will be initially using paid ads but eventually will hope for Google traffic.
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    To use subdomains is a good practice these days. Do not worry to try it.
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    As others have stated, subdomains are treated as completely separate websites, so any authority you gain on one is not going to "pass through" to the others. You are almost always far better off using directories (folders) within the same domain.

    The times when subdomains usually are useful is if each is in a different language or catering to a completely different geographic region.
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    You can find more useful info on the MOZ blogs. They created experiment with blog.example.com and example.com/blog.

    In my experience you should use subfolders.

    I agree with @dave_hermansen and need to add it depemds on platform. If you use Magento you can use Store view for a different language.
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    Thanks guys for all your input. Unfortunately Alidropship does not support subfolders so I had to run with a subdomain. Cheers!
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    In my opinion you should use directory, domains are treats better by google
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