I sell Moroccan traditional products in Ebay and I need your advice

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Welcome, dear, how are you?
I am Ousama KERROUMY from Morocco at the age of 18
I started selling on ebay website all about handmade products
Moroccan products have also been attracted to traditional industry, but the percentage of sales remains very weak
So I ask your advice to develop this project
Do you advise me to continue this field on Ebay or should I move to another platform?
And what do you know about the sale of traditional products in the world?
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    U can try Etsy
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  • Hi Ousama. I'm wondering, who's your market?

    Once you know who your market is, that's where you should be selling. The reason your sales on EBay might be low is because:

    - you didn't use to right keywords or parameters to target your market, or
    - your market isn't on Ebay.

    You have to know who your market is first before you choose a platform of where to sell. Is your market local? Maybe the Facebook Marketplace would be a better fit?

    You want to focus on the US and European markets? Etsy and Amazon would be better for it.

    To have more control over your business and give you some wiggle room to expand or change markets, I would recommend you try setting up an ecommerce site. This would make your business look more professional, you would have more control on how your products look, you can integrate it to your business system, and you don't have to share the profits with the platform.
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