How to collect anonymous donations or payments from adult site visitors?

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Hello. I operate an adult blog (nothing extreme) and trying to find a solution that would allow anonymous donations from visitors while also protecting my identity too. I have fans that enjoy the blog and I think they would support it if I can provide a legit way to collect payments while protecting their identity. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Bitcoin or other digital currency.

    Alternatively, promote dating offers.
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    Why do you think along donations? I there a special reason behind it? If you think that visitors are ready to donate on your contents, promote some niche offer and suggest visitors that "Buy this and donate me". It would be given more worth for the money they spend on the donation. As I know, no legal payment/donation processing platform supports on your purpose. Like brettf has pointed out, Cryptocurrencies (like BTC, BCC, ETH) may be an anonymous solution, but, very small percentage of people are still using them.

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    Like the other folks said. Bitcoin would be my first option. Second option would be simply promoting affiliate products on my website.
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