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Hello there, I own an online store, I do believe that I was lucky to get a good domain name" As you can tell, I drop ship anything related to HipHop, I cannot afford an inventory. The advice that I am asking is, if you had a domain like the one that I have, would you drop ship, I am out of idea, hoping that someone out there will give me ideas. Thank you for your time.
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    i don't think this is a good niche :/
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    go for ecommerce development. They will guide you for shipping. ecommerce web development is best for online shopping (Online Business)
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    Hey there! Late to the party but I looked over your site and wanted to make a few recommendations.

    I owned an urban-themed online store YEARS ago, and the biggest criticism I got was that it wasn't urban enough! HipHop is more than music or's a culture. So I'd make 2 recommendations:

    1) If you are catering to the HipHop crowd, get more HipHop. Blog about the HipHop scene. Get some product in there that circles around HipHop music. What's currently hip in HipHop? - You need to know this so you have what is relevant.

    2) HipHop IS big on music and look for what the icons are wearing and drinking and singing, and make sure you have some of THAT. If you can't get it, get a knock off - but be honest about BEING a knock off. No one likes a wanna be, but they'll respect sincerity.

    HipHop lives and dies by being authentic.
    Get closer to the street and I think you'll do well.

    Holler back if you want to talk some more...
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    We usually figure out what we are going to sell first, get a domain name and find a supplier. That said, there is no reason why dropshipping won't work for this niche, provided you can find suppliers willing to do that. The customer doesn't care who ships the stuff!
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