How Facebook Pixel Caffeine Data is Useful ?

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I have recently purchased a ecommerece website (WooCommerce website) on Flippa and there is Pixel Caffeine installed in it with 345 sales.
Here is the Pixel Caffeine Logs screen shot :-

When I download log data its something like this:-

Can I use this data in any manner to get targeted traffic from Facebook?
What this data is all about?
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    Here is the Pixel Caffeine Logs screen shot :-

    When I download log data its something like this:-
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    Sounds like the previous owner used Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the website. The data you are seeing are product sales that were generated using FB Ads.

    Pixel Caffeine is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to manage and insert the Facebook Ads pixel code automatically to your website pages. Apart from that, you can also create custom FB Ads audiences which you can target with your ads.

    I use Pixel Caffeine myself, too. It's a great tool and very useful to manage the FB pixel on my website. I tried several plugins before and I like this one the most.

    Now in order to use it with FB Ads, you need to go to the plugin's settings and connect it with your own FB Ads account & Pixel so that FB can track the traffic coming in and see all your visitors' activity.

    Then you can start using FB Ads to drive traffic to your site by creating ads that are optimized for conversions / sales.

    FB will use the data from your pixel (Pixel Caffeine) to optimize your ad campaigns and to track the return on your investment.

    Hope this helps :-)

    - Alex
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    You can create custom audiences in Facebook that clone the people who purchased, building a "lookalike audience", which quite often convert very well. 4 Ways to Build Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Expand Your Targeting
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