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I have been doing drop shipping for some time. When working on my pricing model I take the costs from AliExpress and apply a fairly simple formula - say a 60% margin rounded up to a $x.x9 price. In addition, since the majority of my customers are US based, I want to eliminate suppliers say in Russia, Spain or Germany that do not ship to the US.

What I am seeking is a tool that connects to the AliExpress API, allows me to apply some rules to the product variants (such as do not select a supplying country that doesn't ship to the US) and allows me to apply my pricing rules. When dealing with 100+ products at a time and many of those products having multiple variants (color, size, combinations, etc..) it would be great to have a solution that I could simple push my spreadsheet of products and get a result with my calculated list price and subset of the variations.

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