Can you have Dropshipping sent to you not customer?

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Hi I was wondering can you have your drop shipping products sent to you first instead of the customer so I could repackage them in a beautiful gift box.

I want to create a shopping experience for my customers not the item just received in bubble wrap and plastic bag.

I know this creates more work but it's how I will make my products more expensive and add value.

I would like to try this as I don't have the investment money to buy a bulk load or products.

Thanks in advance
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    Absolutely! It adds to the shipping time for the customer (and the cost for you) but it definitely allows you to personalize orders better.

    After you get a feel for what the most popular products are, you might consider ordering them in light bulk, which may give you a price break on the products and definitely will save you money on shipping from the supplier to you.
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    Sure you can do that. You can also order stuff thru Amazon Prime, E bay or Ali Express and do the same thing. I have done this in the past with a few products. As Dave said add for the extra cost and shipping time. You may want to get a couple of items to your home first.This way you can prepackage them so they are ready to ship.

    One final note if you are new to this. Ask them to send the damage items back to you in the original package. You can inspect them, before offering a refund or exchange. Hope that helps you and good luck !
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    Yes, you can, either by changing the address to yours in oberlo when fulfilling the order, or you can order your products before you sell them and ship them from your address when you get orders for faster shipping. I don't recommend either of these ideas unless you have proof that your product is selling very well and you can start branding and selling everything from your address. If you are going to send it to your house through oberlo then ship to their house it would take even longer than the given 1-3 weeks so I would just recommend letting your suppliers do the shipping.
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    It's a great way to get a proper inventory going. Once you have that you have much more flexibility in adding personalized items to your orders.
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    Yes, you can
    You can also negotiate with your supplier to have them packaged according to your requirements, but this will increase product costs.
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    Of course. Simply order it in your name and address. wait for items and then repackage and mail out to your customer.
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