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So I was checking out a few courses , and when i was going through the testimonials I saw one that made 2k with 28 orders which means he makes from one order 70~ dollars ? and there was this other guy that made 260 dollars from 27 orders. So my question is what kind of products i can sell that would make me 50+ dollars per order .
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    The average unit price of electronic products will be higher.
    Chinabrands is an established leading global drop shipping platform that goes with offering thousands of the most popular products .
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    You won't be geting 50+ an order if you do not have experiance in this already.

    You gotta think about what you can do.
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    In most cases, higher priced products generate more profit. We have many eCommerce websites that generate well over $100 per sale and some that generate $200-$300 per sale. If your average sale is $1,000 and your markup is 20% after shipping, you make $200 per sale.

    This is why we prefer selling high ticket items. You won't make as many sales but you will do far less work to make the same money someone who has to sell 20 things does. More important, when your profit per sale is high, virtually every advertising channel becomes viable because you should always make more than you spend on ads.
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