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When starting a new store I have had multiple different mentors suggest to immediately optimize for the purchase conversion even when a pixel is fresh. As for others, they say you need to build it from the bottom VC to ATC to eventually PUR, which makes more sense to me. I would rather start with purchase just because I want FB to find buyers but I have seen mixed results with both. What has worked best for you guys in your experience?
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    We only use conversion pixels. Every website is different; though, it depends on the purchase funnel, the ad and whether or not yours is the type of site where people buy right away or if it is one where you need to constantly market to people before they eventually buy.

    I definitely would never optimize a pixel around "likes" (Facebook people will "like" anything). If you are going to re-target site visitors, you might consider optimizing a pixel for store visits, but I'd only set up a campaign around people who clicked through more than one page.
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    Purchase is better.

    Facebook's algorithm picks up the behavior very quickly. Optimizing for the other conversion points is not really necessary.
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    Agreed that there's no need to start from the bottom and work towards sales. Facebook's algorithm is smart enough to show your ads to the right people if you do your targeting right. And now with the engaged buyer interest, you can target people who have made recent purchases online.
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    Just go with WC directly. You want to optimize for sales, not creepy visits.

    You can even start with ATC and go from there.

    Just forget about the BS on waiting for 50 ATC.

    Good luck!
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    100% agree with conversion pixels. You should ask yourself what your goal is. Your ultimate goal is to CONVERT users to perform some action (a sale). The only time I ever use a goal other than conversions is if the traffic is extremely weak. In that case, I will use a site visit action, and then ramp up to conversion quickly.
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    Facebook algorithm is very quick and you obviously follow Facebook pixels.
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