Best way of having ecommerce and this ?

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My knowledge of website coding is far below any of you good people, BUT, I do prefer to see the actual barebones (HTML, PHP, JS, CSS etc) of a page in it's entirety to work on. In most CMS it seems difficult to do that, or is there a way?
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    Its very easy.You need to understand all concepts then It will be very friendly for you.
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    Anyone know?
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    Seeing it and actually being able to edit it are two different things. You can usually see it by simply right clicking a page and viewing the source code. Many CMS do not give you access to some of the files, so being able to edit something is another story. You should be able to get to practically all of the HTML and CSS, though.

    And, of course, it would be extremely helpful if you revealed what platform you were using.

    Finally, couldn't you think of a more descriptive subject line for your problem than "Best way of having ecommerce and this ?" I mean, it doesn't describe your problem at all and many people ignore vague thread subject lines.
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    There isn't a platform at the moment, hence the question - which still remains.
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    Why don't you go for Woocommerce, Shopify or Magento . They are easy to use and are made only for an e-commerce store. You can create without any serious coding. the basic Customisation can be done with a basic coding knowledge. so you can choose any one instead of going through web coding.
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