Anyone have any experience with Storeless ecom platform?

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Does anyone have any experience with Storeless?

I've been trying to get some answers regarding order automation to no avail. (Email requests haven't been returned.)

Any input would be appreciated.
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    Other than watching a video and reading a pitch page, I know no more about it than you do. As far as order automation goes, you really need to ask yourself this ... are you now or have you ever set up anything in eCommerce where you were getting so many order that you desperately needed the order processing to be automated? If you're like most people, your answer is "I wish!".

    The fact is, if you do ever get to that point with this model or any other, you're making some pretty serious money and can certainly afford to hire a VA to do that for you.

    As far as this particular method is concerned, I can see it working for the right products. And, it's certainly inexpensive enough to give it a whirl!
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    Thanks very much for your input. That's essentially what I'm in the middle of.

    We'll see how things go. I guess it's not the end of the world if I have to re-platform just as long as there are sales.

    Thanks again sir!
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    I'm not entirely sure that you have to re-platform at all. You could still have a product existing as one of several/many on a full blown website and also have it listed as a single funnel on another platform.

    I mean, really, what better way to split test whether one works better than another method than to be trying both at the same time? Then, you'll know for sure if it is just a bunch of hype or if the funnel method works better than the store one because you'll have side by side results that were running simultaneously.
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    Thanks a great perspective--thanks very much. Needless to say, I feel like I'm drinking out of a fire hose but it's a fun process. It will be very helpful if a few dollars come in during the process! ;-)

    Thanks again!
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    I'm trying to investigate storeless and 7figureecomangels his latest promo that includes storeless and some other stuff.

    Looking into it I found that it's run by Precious Ngwu, a guy who was kicked off WF a few years ago for scamming many people many different times with software that didn't work, so my guess is that this latest product of his is crap too.

    Sure looks and sounds good though in the sales pitch and I'd love for it to work, but as they say, "a leopard doesn't change its spots" so I suspect he's still scamming people. Since you said that they don't respond to requests for information, I think that confirms it for me and I'll stay away.
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    Ok, you probably will need a review from someone who has already tested it. (more than 3 months ago)

    I got a copy in the early release, was excited to integrate some funnels to my shopify items.

    The builder is very very buggy, I'm not sure if they fixed it yet but it was crap.
    Their video resources are great, very helpful and straight to the point.
    Their funnel pages template are good, but again, a very buggy page builder.
    Not sure if the price is the same, but it was *60 a month, very expensive if you ask me.
    You can integrate it with Shopify or add your own checkout gateway.

    Is it something important you need in your store? Definitely no!

    Good luck
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    Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't been more responsive to this thread--swamped at work, my "straight gig."

    @dave_hermansen--I joined your paid coaching group--price is very reasonable and you offer high quality information. Thank you sir!

    @mo-money--Exactly, it's a great sales pitch, one that I fell for (to the tune of $1297) and am pursuing the issue with PayPal. Stay away my friend would be my advise to you. To back up their guarantee they say "you have to try the system" which on its face is reasonable; however, IMPLEMENTING their system is extremely problematic especially when they DO NOT RESPOND to their support emails. I don't care how good your system is, there will be questions and if they don't give a damn (by not responding to support emails), you're screwed. Again, stay away!

    @techwizard--to your points--see below:

    1. Yes, buggy builder--still exists.
    2. Yes, decent videos, yet no returned support emails; therefore, you're screwed in an implementation.
    3. Yes, funnel pages are decent but see number 1 above.
    4. $60/month--Haha, you got off cheap my friend! Well done!
    5. Yes, on the surface you can easily integrate Shopify, Woocommerce, AWeber, GetResponse, etc. but I never got that far--how do I know it really works? Maybe it works, but I'm dubious to say the least!

    And yes, I wouldn't risky adding it to a non-performing store, much less a great one!

    This is my theory (my 2 cents dept): I think they're webinar-ing the hell out of the internet and then some to raise $$$ to pay developers to fix the software issues. They even mention in one of their videos "we're developing, and if you have a product suggestion, let us know" etc. But IMO they're still misrepresenting the product. Again, just my 2 cents....

    Hope that helps!
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