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Hi there

I have a shopify store in the couples niche. I added products, wrote descriptions for those and did everything else the guys on youtube told me.
I launched it in august and back then i already got like 4 sales or something. Then I got sick and forgot about the store. At the end of sept I retried it but nothing worked. I changed the niche to travel and did the same there, still no sales. Got demotivated and did nothing.
I always got visitors but no sales.

Few days ago I decided to give it one last chance and now I bought some influencer posts on instagram and got over 100 Visitors today. But still, not a single sale.

The videos on youtube did not help me. Can someone help me find the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Idk if I am allowed to post the link to my store in here, but I will if someone requests it!
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    May you show your shop here?
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    Unfortunately, it's hard to say what might be wrong without having many more specifics. It could be what you are selling, who you are marketing to, your price point, the professionalism of your site, the text on it, whether people trust the site ... many, many things.

    And, 100 visits without a sale is not a whole lot - especially from social marketing where people weren't looking to buy things in the first place.
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    There are many reasons why you are not getting any sales even when you have decent traffic. I would try doing AB tests on my landing page. Probably adding trust badges, reviews, number of orders ect. Also changing ATC button size, color ect. Price is probably influential, try selling in bulk or increase or deduct price. If you are not getting that much ATCs it's your landing page. Invest some money to get traffic and change variables. Hopefully thats worth it
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    Try refining the targeting methods in your advertising. When you'll target specific prospects then chances of having a sale will be more. Make sure your prices are less than your competitor specially in the initial days of your business. Be relevant in ads and landing pages. Make sure pricing are transparent.
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    Try out Upsell Crossâ€'Sell Smart Tool app to attract your customers with the discounted upsell and cross-sell products such as buy X get Y, get free shipping, percentage and fixed amount.
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    Hi Maria,

    You can try a smart product recommendation app which can boost your Sales and Conversions.

    For the type of niche products you sell on your website, a typical recommendation engine would not be suitable, try something smart backed with AI.

    I found Upsell with AI recommendations on the Shopify app store very helpful. This app has a feature to upsell by recommending similar looking products based on shopper's likings. It also gives more relevant recommendations by showing products that are similar to the current product.

    It has a track record of increasing average order value and sales up to 20%. You can try this app, it has 14 days free trial as well.

    Good luck!
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    I hope you haven't given up yet! You can try looking at each of these to start, then maybe we can discuss the specifics once we know what your actual site looks like and how people are getting onto your page.

    Product presentation

    Does it look appealing? Have you given enough information on the product? Did you actually touch your consumers' pain points, addressed them, and highlighted how this benefits them?

    Page Construction

    Is it easy for them to navigate your page? Do you have appropriate graphics to entice your customers? Do you have testimonials to prove your site is trustworthy?


    Are you too expensive? They'd look for it elsewhere. Are you too cheap? They'd be suspicious as to the authenticity of your items and if they really work.

    Traffic source

    Are you targeting the right people? does your product fit the traffic source? For example, if you're selling fashion, you'd be more inclined to use Instagram for its visual focus. While if you're selling items that usually don't rely on brands to sell (bags, tools), then search might be better since people are used to getting a lot of choices for the item and comparing them.

    Tip: don't pay for excessive amounts of traffic if you don't know if your page works yet. You don't turn on the water if you know there's a gaping hole in the pipe. Look for the hole, plug it up, then proceed.
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    Your post is not detail enough. Getting traffic is one thing and making sales is another. I will be able to provide more help if i see the looks of your site and the types of ads you run. There are things that sells well on social media and others that don't.
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