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Hi there

I have a shopify store in the couples niche. I added products, wrote descriptions for those and did everything else the guys on youtube told me.
I launched it in august and back then i already got like 4 sales or something. Then I got sick and forgot about the store. At the end of sept I retried it but nothing worked. I changed the niche to travel and did the same there, still no sales. Got demotivated and did nothing.
I always got visitors but no sales.

Few days ago I decided to give it one last chance and now I bought some influencer posts on instagram and got over 100 Visitors today. But still, not a single sale.

The videos on youtube did not help me. Can someone help me find the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Idk if I am allowed to post the link to my store in here, but I will if someone requests it!
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    May you show your shop here?
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    Unfortunately, it's hard to say what might be wrong without having many more specifics. It could be what you are selling, who you are marketing to, your price point, the professionalism of your site, the text on it, whether people trust the site ... many, many things.

    And, 100 visits without a sale is not a whole lot - especially from social marketing where people weren't looking to buy things in the first place.
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  • try repsneakersaus.
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