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I am interested in starting up a dropshipping store and I had a quick question about incorporating. Everywhere that I see online tells me to "find a registered agent" to incorporate my business. But these agents and services seem to range from $100 - $1000. I find it unlikely that bootstrapping nomads are paying $1000 to incorporate and I am not sure if $100 is too good to be true.

I am just wondering what the best way to approach incorporating a business for dropshipping is. I am from the US but living in Asia now. I am doing research on my own, but I'd like to get some other insights and spark a conversation as well.

Thanks all
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    If you plan on incorporating in a state that you do not live in you have to have a registered agent and yes they will charge. Most will charge around $100.00 per year and for that they will scan and forward anything related to your incorporation to you. If you want more services such as all mail scanned and sent to you then that will be extra.

    look into Nevada, Delaware, or Montana. They seem to be the most friendly to out of state corporations


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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      look into Nevada, Delaware, or Montana. They seem to be the most friendly to out of state corporations
      Another good state is Wyoming. Try this company they were easy to deal with in the past. If I'm not mistaken the turn around was pretty fast. But it will still take some time to get it set up. But expect to pay you are setting up a business.
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    The best deal I know of currently is from Wyoming Registered Agent Services. We have had many people in our course use them and they said it was pretty easy.

    There are certain advantages to incorporating in Wyoming, the most significant being if you use this company, you can remain completely anonymous. On top of that, very few sales come from the state of Wyoming, so you won't have people NOT ordering from you because of sales tax (like if you incorporated in a high population state like California, Texas, New York or Florida) and you will rarely have to collect and remit sales tax for residents of Wyoming.
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    Wyoming seems to be your best bet. On a side note you can check the Stripe Atlas LLC (didn't test it before thought)
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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the replies. These are very helpful! I was comparing Wyoming Registered Agent Services with Wyoming Company. It seems there is a pretty significant price difference. As someone just looking to get their feet wet with dropshipping, I am wondering if the perks offered between these two companies is significantly different? I am trying to decipher it on my own, but I don't fully grasp the wider range of benefits Wyoming Company offers.

    Thanks again!
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