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I've been with e-Junkie for years now and have no problems with their service and price.

Other than, for the particular kind of books i sell, because the niche requires updating, i used to give the buyers 5 downloads in the purchase and they could use them later, meaning for 4 more times they could get the updated copy, included in the price, and they loved it, and for the kind of niche it is an important thing.

Since i started stamping my ebooks for pirating reasons (e-Junkie has that service), their stamping function locks the copy to the original one, meaning the buyers can still download 4 more times, but they don't get the updated version - it is locked to the one they originally purchased and keeps giving the original one even if i already uploaded a newer updated version to my e-Junkie account.

When i approached e-Junkie they said there is nothing they can do and don't intend to do (it sounded it's not how they want to run their business so that is fair enough).

So my question is - is anyone aware of an alternative to e-Junkie that would have some efficient enough function to keep down pirating - as well as the opportunity to give multiple downloads in one purchase that, when downloaded later, give the latest updated copy and are not locked to the version that was uploaded at the time of the purchase?

It is probably a fairly specific question but i am hoping someone out there could help me please :-)
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    There many alternatives e-junkies. You can choose from big commerce, Wix, Simpra RMS, and many others. Jimdo, core commerce is the best e-junkies alternatives as smart score.
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