What is the most important aspect to rank keyword on amazon?

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To rank a keyword on amazon is most important stuff to make a sales. If you have good product, but keyword is not ranked, people wont see your add and you wont get any sale.

So what is the steps to rank a keyword?
Is it reviews or what? Maybe content, pictures too?

thanks in advance
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    It's vital to understand that Amazon's search algorithm works differently than any Google or Bing algorithm in surfacing results. In a nutshell, there are way fewer ranking signals or factors than with typical SEO, which some say includes as many as 200 factors (though others dispute this).

    key factors:
    -Your Product's Title
    - Your Seller Name
    - Your Amazon Backend Keywords
    - Your Brand Field
    - Your Amazon Conversion Rate
    - Your Product Images
    - Your Amazon Reviews
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      if you can it will be better to hire SEO-specialist. It will save your time
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    Picking the right keywords.
    OptmiIzing your product listing on Amazon for your chosen keyword.
    Then positive reviews and comments.
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    Add a short descriptive title with keywords and do same with description. Also optimize your images by adding alt texts and links.
    Also add your brand name
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    Hi guys,

    is there any youtube video you can advice, to lerne how to list perfectly on Amazon "FBM"
    Thank You
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