Anyone can tell which platform is best for creating an online eCommerce store?

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Actually, want to make my own ecommerce store for promotional products. I am confused about whether to create a Website in Shopify or Magento ?

or which company is the best for this service?
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    Shopify, BigCommerce and 3DCart are our top 3.
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    Firstly, I wanted to build my shop with Shopify, but it seemed to be quite expensive and I decided to use WordPress
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    Well start with wordress if you dont have cash to invest in shopify after that when you will grow a little move to shopify as it offers you alot of useful options for your ecommerce business than wordpress
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      Hi Admin, I saw your message thanks for your advice. You removed my confusion.

      Do you Know that which is the Best Company who provide shopify services at affordable price ?
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    In my opinion, Shopify is the way to go.

    You can sign up for a free 14 day trial to get started, which will let you start working on getting everything setup and ready to go before you actually go live. After that you can use their cheapest plan which is only $29 a month. This small fee gets you a system that is specifically designed for ecommerce.

    Wordpress is ultimately a blogging platform that you will need to continually update on your own, pay extra fees to use reputable plugins to make it work and function as a store, and pay for things like SSL certificates. So once you start paying for those thing that you will need to operate properly and successfully, you'll probably get to $29 a month or more very quickly.

    I can't say a whole lot about Magento. I worked on setting up a Magento store for some clients about 8 years ago, and it was a bit of a struggle to learn. I'm not sure if it has changed and become easier to use now, so someone with more recent experience might offer better advice from a user perspective.

    With Shopify, there are apps that you need to help with your operation of the store. Everything you need to get started with the apps you will find free versions that work and get the job done. Once you are making money, you can start looking at other apps that cost monthly subscription fees that have extra bells and whistles that make things even easier.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Yeah so anyone who says shopify is wrong and dont listen to them. The Best BY FAR is Clickfunnels! In a shopify store your going to run ads to it then the people you spent money getting are gonna shop around and forget why they are there (too buy the object on your ad) maybe a notification for their favorite star wars fun 10 best facts video will pop up and suck them into the void away from your store. This is BAD NEWS for the guy who just bought them to be on their store! You need a funnel system that takes the person from the ad and puts them in front of a description of the item they saw and then a Big fat Buy button! Then Hit them with some upsells related to that niche tat they might be interested in.or try to sell them a deal on buying multiple instances of the same product they just bought for a reduced price. You can have a store on the side but even with the store your gonna wanna use a funnel. I use clickfunnels for my own system and I cannot recommenced it more highly for promoting anything online!
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    I always suggest woo-commerce, its very simple to set up and you will find most of the plugins integrated with it so you don't get stuck in near future. Only cons that I found about Woo-commerce is it slow downs your site little bit so should always use a good cache plugin to optimize your store.

    All the best
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      Thanks, But i think Shopify is much better than Woocomerce because WordPress is not much secure.
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        True but there are third party plugins to increase security plus regular updates. 60% market share of WordPress definitely speaks a lot.
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      Ohk Thanks, But I already took Shopify development services from Stellen Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Company. My friend recommends me that company. Thanks for the reply .
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    Actually it depends on your preference. There's Shopify and there's also WooCommerce.

    If you want to save in the long run id recommend creating it with WooCommerce on WP.

    I did found a video that teaches you how to make it from scratch.
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    What do you need? Are you looking for platform?
    I think the best platform is the one you developed by yourself. Because this platform meets your requirements. Or Magento 2 good for you, because I work with a staff of Magento developers.

    To gather your needs, to assess the development and maintance costs and choose platform.
    In other words, you need to understand your needs and resources, to define objective selection criteria.
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      Thanks, Alex I think you are right. Before starting we have to clear our requirements. ActuallyeCommerce i am new in this field. I have no technical knowledge i just want to make my eCommerce store. So, I am confused about that. BTW Thank you so much.
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    If this is your first time opening an online store then I4ll definitely go with Shopify as it's easy to use.

    Second to that comes Woocommerce, a very stable and complete platform where you won't need any technical skills. With woo, you'll need to consider more things along with creating the site (hosting, page load, security...)

    We use Shopify for our clients and Woocommerce for our own site.

    I would suggest you start at least with Shopify and see if it meets your requirements.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Calder View Post

    Actually, want to make my own ecommerce store for promotional products. I am confused about whether to create a Website in Shopify or Magento ?

    or which company is the best for this service?
    Including Shopify & Magento, there are also many other platforms available like bigcommerce, volusion, etc. to create store for ecommerce. But if you want to know the difference or pros and cons between magento and shopify then you should checkout below resouces:

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    I vote for woocommerce. Always use that for my own project. You can expand it a lot with usefull plugin, and community is great.
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    Shopify is the best platform out there. Their app ecosystem is robust, platform scalability and sales channel is top notch and if you consider the cost of running hosted platforms like woocommerce, $29/month for shopify is pretty cheap.

    but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep...

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    Shopify and Woocomerce.
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    Just be careful with Woocommerce/Wordpress. Woocommerce lacks a lot of functionality that you get with hosted solutions like Shopify and Volution and whatnot.

    So in order to get that functionality, you have to usually buy a premium plugin and Woocommerce plugin authors have a tenancy to gouge Woocommerce users with very high prices for their plugins. When it's all said and done, you could conceivably spend thousands of dollars a year on woocommerce plugin subscription fees. All of a sudden a $50/month fee for a hosted solution start looking more attractive at only $600/year. Just be careful and do your research.

    Setup a wordpress site and install the woocommerce plugin. Then install a free woocommerce theme like Woocomerce's free "storefront" theme or the free Virtue theme by Kadence themes.

    Then see what that gets you and compare it to Shopify or whatever other hosted solution you are looking at. Then see what Woocommerce plugins are available on the Wordpress Plugins repository to see what plugins are available for that functionality. Just keep in mind that although the plugins are free on Wordpress' repository, they are usually "fremium", meaning that you have to pay for the really popular functionality it provides. And the price is usually really high for what it is, as I have stated before.

    From here you can figure out if it's cheaper to go with Woocommerce or with a hosted solution in your situation.

    People often push Woocommerce because it's "free", but that's VERY FAR from the truth if you need more functionality than what is offered by the default woocommerce install. This is the part Wordpress/Woocommerce Fanboys never tell you or fail to realize. They see the initial price tag of "free" and all of a sudden, it's "the best shopping cart in the world!". LOL

    Not to mention, with a hosted solution, you get support. Wordpress/Woocommerce support is all "community based". That sounds warm and fuzzy on the surface, but community support is usually not very good and can be VERY time-consuming. So keep that in mind if you're not very good at hosting your own site, PHP coding, etc. Wordpress forums and other sites like Stackechange can be a big help, but these days they are not very friendly to newbies. People are more and more using those platforms to gain freelance work instead of helping for free.

    I'm not saying Woocoomerce is bad or good (because it can be great), just that you need to weigh out the differences in your situation to really make the right decision.
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    Jack, there are only 4 ways of building an E-Commerce platform.

    The options are:
    1. CMS + E-Commerce: The options are WordPress + WooCommerce, Joomla + VirtueMart and Drupal + Drupal Commerce. I would recommend going with WordPress + WooCommerce. Reasons being, it is the most widely used CMS platform and has a huge community.
    2. E-Commerce Platforms: The options are Magento, OpenCart and Prestashop. Magento is the most robust and scalable platform but can be expensive as you need someone with real experience to work with Magneto. With OpenCart and Prestashop being lightweight platforms, the development cost is not high.
    3. Hosted Solutions: Shopify is the most popular one in this category. It is the best way to start an E-Commerce store for a newbie as you do not have to put in a lot of investment.
    4. Custom Development. This can get expensive and since you are looking for a platform, this can be ignored.

    Synamen Thinklabs.
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  • Best E-commerce Platform Options
    1. BigCommerce - Best for Small Business
    2. Shopify - Best for Boutique Shops
    3. Volusion
    4. Squarespace
    5. Magento
    6. OpenCart
    7. Zen Cart
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    As per my opinion WooCommerce, Zencart and Magento is best for creating online eCommerce store.
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    They all do the same thing in the end. Shopify is probably the easiest to use and this is what I use.
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  • Shopify for sure. Been using it for a while now and it's amazing & easy to set up...

    They also give free themes that are converting pretty good.
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  • I think Magento is the best for developing an e-commerce website as shopping Ads can be run easily there through Google Ads.
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    1. OpenCart
    2. WooCommerce
    Shopify do not allow to realize many things.
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    Ok so a lot of people do not like Shopify (including me) but it is by no mean a bad platform and here's why:
    - They are hosted for you that means you will be using their server without having to look for a VPS to help you with that. Similar to Magento, Shopify also has unlimited inventory however because Magento requires you to host yourself if you don't pick the right service, it will significantly slower, while Shopify won't face that problem.
    - Very user-friendly: while it is not as much as WooCommerce in this but waaaay easier than Magento if you do not have technical skills. They have a theme editor built in allows you to do customize a bit. It is nothing like an actual drag and drop builder, but it makes for a much easier design interface when compared to Magento.
    - Professional looking theme: While they do not provide many free themes, their standard free ones are already very good and clean for you to use. Their apps add-ons can still help you expand your store in various ways and has great moderation over them so no worry they would harm your store.
    - Support over 70 payment gates with zero transaction fee (Magento has to use the third party add on and has transaction fee).

    In the end, it's still your decision, you can try WooCommerce or you can try Shopify, Magento, blah blah blah... and change cart when you feel you do not like the current one (Yes I do realize I say changing store as if it is simple as changing toy, but well that what those cart migration app are for right?)
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    Shopify is a better platform than Magento in my opinion, If you're confused between them, then I will recommend you to go with Shopify. You can also try Wordpress with Woocommerce, you will get more customization options their with full control over the things, the same thing can't be said about Shopify & Magento.
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    What about Magento 2, I heard it is quite good.
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    Hello If you want sell own product then go to amazon, flipkart like big platform.
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    I'd recommend Shopify as it's very easy to set up, even as a beginner and will cost you about $25 a per month.

    If you're a Wordpress user, then Woo-commerce is a good choice.

    It's pretty easy to set up an online store using each of these platforms and there are plenty of tutorials online that will help you get started.
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    I would suggest Shopify, because it has the following benefits which I found very useful despite other e-com platforms.
    1. Quick & easy to set up & use
    2. No Tech headaches
    3. Secure and Reliable
    4. 24/7 Support
    5. Mobile friendly
    6. Highly customizable
    7. 1000s of Apps
    8. Own Payment gateway
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    Magento is the best and trending platform for developing e-commerce websites.
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    WordPress - Woocommerce. Can't go wrong with that since it's easy to use and the materials for handling dev problems are filled all over the internet. This can come in handy sometimes.
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    Woocommerce and Opencart are the best for developing Ecommerce website...
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    Shopify is already quite established and are what most people are using nowadays. Woocommerce is also getting better. Some owners are starting to migrate their stores to use Woocommerce. The thing with the latter is that it can be costly. It would also require one to be familiar with the plug in. You would need to be knowledgable with both wordpress and woocommerce.
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    For creating your first website I highly recommend you start out with Shopify. Shopify is perfect for eCommerce stores.. especially if your just starting out. Usually, the monthly payment plan is around $29 for a basic store but they always offer free trials for at least 14 days

    (Their back office is also really easy to use especially for beginners)

    Hope this help you!
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    Magento is heavy and you will need a developer to maintain it. Shopify is easy to start and maintain.
    Ecommerce in India - - - A Free Guide on How to Start an Online Store in India.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Calder View Post

    Actually, want to make my own ecommerce store for promotional products. I am confused about whether to create a Website in Shopify or Magento ?

    or which company is the best for this service?
    Just include 3DCart on the list and do some research on each one of them. Have a look at your set goals, your budget and the flexibility of each of the hosting company. Look at how easier it is to export info to each one of them.
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    Magento has the biggest share.. but i prefer Prestashop and it's fork thirtybees for its intuitivity and easy of use.. it's not developers' friendly though.. that is if you are a developer like me.
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    It depends a lot on your use case. If you have a lot of products and need enterprise level integration, Magento might be your best bet.

    Otherwise I'd highly recommend Shopify. It's easy to use for both owners and marketers, extremely flexible and scalable. Not worrying about hosting servers and security is one of my favourite reasons to choose Shopify over other platforms.
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    6 best platforms for creating an online store


    Woocommerce and Magento are the best platform.
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