Security concerns regarding payment gateway.

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Are there any security concerns regarding developing a website through WordPress or Weebly. Any solution for the same??Kindly help
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    I wouldn't suggest building an eCommerce website on either. They are both major security and PCI compliance hassles. Doesn't mean they can't be dealt with; we just have better things to do with our time for the little difference in price between either of them and a hosted solution like Shopify. BigCommerce or 3DCart. Time is money!

    I should note, however, that if you are just using PayPal to process payments or some other third party solution where people leave your website to make a payment, it really doesn't matter as much (although there are still other security concerns). If you are taking credit card payments through a real payment processing company, though, I'd stay away from both.
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    No matter what platform you are going to use, there would be some security concerns always. Wordpress is prone to Javascript attack and Ddos attacks. There can be attacks in the server too. So choose a server carefully and make sure that they have certain measures to take when security related concerns develops.
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    The security issue is always there. With WordPress you should prepare yourself to some mid heavy tasks in order to secure your store, with Shopify you're getting less.

    That doesn't mean you should overlook the most complete platform ever made for this.
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    I wouldn't recommend using either one of those websites for building a store with the intentions of selling it. You should use Shopify.. Shopify actually also has app in their app store called ExchangeMarketplace OR you can just visit the website at where you can view and post websites

    Hope this helped you
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