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Hello folks,

I have been working on my dropship store for quite a while now, however, i can't get the sales i so desperately want.

My store is focussed on mainly fitness equipment/yoga as i heard i should narrow down because clothing was not such a good idea. I a currently really with my hands in my hair as i am starting to doubt if my niche is the right choice. It quite hard to make a change as i have been working on it for over a year now.

So what did i try so far:
  • Instagram Influencers (Not too many sales with this...)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Adwords
  • Currently bing ads

I must admit that these ad campaigns were on a very low budget as i am still student and simply don't have to spend hughe amounts on ads.

I really hope there is someone here that could point me into the right direction in terms of what i should change about my webshop or ad strategy.

I am really thankfull for everyone who can at least help me to come a bit closer into the right direction!

My webshop:
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  • You do need to narrow the niche down.

    For example: Yoga pants for women - TO - Yoga pants for pregnant women / Or Plus sized Yoga pants.

    These are just 2 examples.

    You have pretty good options to play around with facebook ads when narrowing down the niche.

    Second, each of those ads providers are good for certain type of products.. just stick with one (Facebook ads) and focus on getting better results there, than mindlessly spending money everywhere trying to generate sales.
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    This can be caused by a LOT of factors.

    If possible post your website along with the details about your advertising and marketing (mentioning the traffic platform alone won't help).

    You also mentioned that you were running campaigns at a low budget, what was it?

    It can be due to your targeting, product page & pricing, the whole website...

    The more data you provide, the more we can help.

    Good luck!
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