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Hey guys.
I personally am a graphic designer and I also study Marketing at Uni and my friend is a social media manager at local media firm. So we would like to start a dropshipping store. It is in pet industry and targeted to EU. We both have a good understanding of how design and social media works but there are some things that we would like to ask you.

1. Is it to late to jump on Dropshipping train ? I have had heard from some that this model has been over utilised and there is a little room left to go.

2. I checked Aliexpress and lot of products has very long delivery times (10 - 30 days). Isn't this a big turnoff for potential customers ?

3. What are your thoughts. Better whole EU with site in English or specific country for example France in french language ?

4. Any of you who had worked in pet industry ... do you have any tips ?
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    1. Of course it is not too late. More and more brands are now dropshipping so if anything, it's far easier to do than it used to be. We set up at least a dozen new sites every year.

    2. This is where the #1 mistake is made and the reason so many think that dropshipping is oversaturated. If you're selling the same cheap crap that everybody else is from AliExpress, your chances of success aren't wonderful. Contact the actual brands you want to carry, see if they have distributors in the area you want to service and then contact those distributors to see if they will dropship for you.

    3. I'd do all of EU in English. Most people that have money have at least a decent grasp of the English language in the EU. You can try language-specific sites later - after your English-only site proves profitable.

    4. It's a really competitive industry and what makes it even harder is that there are many, many local pet stores where people can buy things (and if they can buy locally, they almost always do). We've had tremendous success in the pet industry selling high-ticket items that you rarely find in pet stores (sorry, I can't jeopardize those micro niches by revealing them).
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