Selling on Amazon Vs eBay?

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Is there any difference, selling on two top selling marketplace (eBay or Amazon)?. If their is a differnce which is the best marketplace to start as a beginner.
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    eBay for sure is a lot more easier. Amazon doesn't make it so easy compare to eBay. In eBay you don't even has to have a product, you can just use the dropshipping method to start.

    Hope I helped.
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    Ebay for starters, and Amazon for a growing business.

    As amizrien said , you can use dropshipping on ebay... but if you have your own products and want to build your own brand, amazon is a better choice !
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  • As a beginner, definitely to start with dropshipping in eBay so that you can save the budget for driving traffic to your store.
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    I have tried to search for an answer all over the internet and it seems like eBay dominates the competition. eBay offers a cheaper monthly fee compared to Amazon, but then again it requires a Paypal fee on every item. According to the article that I have read on the internet. sellers keep an average of 5.13% more of their profit when selling on eBay.
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    Why not test both then see which one is more profitable for you. Both are good for a beginner.
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    I have tried selling on Amazon FBA and my god, it was so complicated and frustrating that I did not even start selling my first product! The process is simple but the formalities made my head explode, far too big of a headache for beginners like me.

    As far as I know, eBay is WAY more beginner friendly than Amazon.
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    As a beginner.. Ebay hands down... do some research on how " Cassini " works ( ebays search engine ) it all basically comes down to photos and titles - there is obviously more to listing success but those are the 2 major points.

    I have never run into a limitation in what I can sell.. AT ALL - EVER.. so you have a pair of Nike shoes... have at it.. on Amazon.. uh no you have to earn that.

    Another outlet to look at is PoshMark.. it depends on what you are selling

    Ebay tho.. very beginner friendly and tons of content out and about to learn some of the ins and outs.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Ebay is the simplest to use in the beginning, once you learn the ropes start working with Amazon but ideally you want to use both services to maximize profit.
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    I've been selling on Amazon full time for a few years now, i think it depends on your set up.

    My business utilizes the Amazon FBA business model, this works for me because i don't need to hold the stock myself.

    Source - List - Send into Amazon FBA - Sell. It makes for a pretty hands off business model.

    I've started looking at eBay too in the last few months, it looks like a different beast. Looks much more hands on in terms of fulfillment and listing
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    If you just started & had no actual knowledge of selling online (Beginner), then it safe to say go with eBay, start doing some drop shopping, explore & learn as much as possible.
    The Cost for managing & handling eBay is far more cheaper than the Amazon.

    That been said, if you had your own product, you can try out Amazon, even as a beginner, although I would suggest to do some good research on Amazon to understand what kind problems or difficulties you could occur while doing business on Amazon.

    Still keep in mind, whether you go with eBay or Amazon, initially it's going to be difficult on both the side.

    But if you keep trying, done a proper research & make a good strategy, then it's safe to say you could succeed on both the platform.
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    If you want to learn about E-bay visit the Warrior Path Section of the Forum and follow the thread: $40 to $250.00 hopefully in 30 days. By savidage 4 He shows what is involved and to get your first sale.
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    I love Amazon Tim for all the product potential; I've 100 plus eBooks and 20 plus audio books and paperbacks on Amazon. Plus I am an Associate too, earning as well thru the affiliate stream.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    hi can u tell me in detail what is dropshipping .beacause i am interested in to start selling on amazon but its my first experience so i have no knowledge about drop shipping.and any thing good advice guys can share with me thank you.
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    I disagree with aa lot of the people here who say Ebay is a better place to sell for a beginner. While it may work fine for doing the occasional one-off sale,

    Amazon's FBA is much better IMO. On Ebay you are responsible for making sure the item gets shipped in a timely manner. You may also have to deal with returns or refunds. With Amazon's FBA the shipping is all automatically done for you by Amazon. In addition the number of buyers on Amazon is vastly greater than Ebay.
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    As beginner eBay is more friendly as compared to Amazon. Amazon process is simple but formalities are quite complicated and far too big for the beginner. To grow your startup business you need to choose a simple platform that provides efficient sevices.
    so you should choose eBay.
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    People nor do arbitrage with these 2 platforms, they mostly buy on amazon and sell on ebay. Ebay products are mostly expensive than amazon for the same product and brand. With ebay too you can sell alot but paypal will be a payment service to fight with i know this for a fact. they will at a point freeze your account without reason. I will go for amazon
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    Both sites throw buyers at yr feet.

    EBAy rocks at USED or AMATEUR.

    Amazon favors PRO or CLEARLY EXORBITANT.

    Or mebbe it is a brandin' ishoo.

    Either way, don't make your stuff sound lousy.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    eBay for Dropshipping and amazon best for affiliate . For started you can use eBay
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    Originally Posted by Tim Hughes View Post

    Is there any difference, selling on two top selling marketplace (eBay or Amazon)?. If their is a differnce which is the best marketplace to start as a beginner.
    The main difference is traffic. I find Amazon has more for most products, but charges more in fees.

    Also, Amazon is pretty consistent and much better run, in my opinion. Do get me wrong, Amazon is not without problems, but business wise, I have always done better on Amazon.
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