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Hello everybody this is my first post
I am considering to expand my dropshipping to a specific niche. Spare parts and components of appliances. The appliances companies charge high price for spare parts. In some cases it might make sense. In some cases they charge prices that could be easily replaced by much cheaper ones.
It's possible to find suppliers but it takes time and patience. Spare parts must be perfectly compatible with the original ones, the quality must be sufficient, etc.
Right now I just search the suppliers one by one by browsing them on Aliexpress/Alibaba (I am open to other sources if you want to suggest any other), until I find some that seem to be promising and contact them. I would like to make this process a bit more efficient. As a rule a make a massive search among the suppliers, and once I find reliable ones I prefer to stick to them and carry on a long term business partnership.

Do you have any suggestion about how to improve to search of the suppliers, both to widen as much as possible the search and improve the quality of the suppliers that really match my needs?

Thank you
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    Hey, Macropupazzo,

    What information would you like to see, or filter, or sort by?
    Let's imagine, that I can collect and aggregate any data about all suppliers at AliExpress from the spear parts category.
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