Anyone ever sold an ecommerce business?

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Hi everyone,

We've built up our ecommerce business over the last year to a good position but we're now looking to sell it so the partners can proceed with their own individual ventures. We tried listing it with Empire Flippers but they won't take on a dropshipping site these days apparently. I was surprised to find that there aren't many other viable options. We've listed it on Shopify's own marketplace but have only had a single person reach out so far.

I'm in discussion with brokers in the meantime but I was wondering anyone here has sold an ecommerce business, and if so, through what medium?
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    Hey Scotty,

    Justin w/ Empire Flippers here.

    Just to clear up a point of confusion: We are still taking most dropshipping stores.

    They have to meet certain requirements ($1K/month avg. in profit minimum) and have to pass our vetting process, though.

    Recently, we've taken a turn towards mostly denying (in vetting) the "Alibaba" dropshipping store model. That just basically means off-the-shelf products without any real brand that typically receive all of their customers via FB advertising. We'll still allow some of these, but they'll have to have some corroborating value. (i.e. Solid brand in their niche, traffic/customers from other sources, repeat customers, etc.)

    Hope that helps clarify.

    If a website/business doesn't qualify with us, we usually refer them to Flippa which (generally speaking) has lower requirements/standards. You can also try listing on your own at someplace like BizBuySell, although I'd mostly recommend that option to someone who has sold stores before, is familiar with the process and risks, etc.
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      Do you guys take on ecom businesses that rely mostly on seo traffic? i was just curious as we have a few. thanks in advance. dont mean to jack thread in anyway op was just curious.
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    I'm glad that Justin chimed in because we know that Empire Flippers still takes on dropshipping websites. The AliExpress/Facebook model stores usually aren't ones that are evergreen, so they have to be very different in order to be legit long term prospects for buyers. It's tough to have a decent track record that you can vet for those type of web stores because so many of them were tossed up a year ago or less.

    We've sold dozens and dozens of websites over the years - some on Flippa, some on Empire Flippers and many on our own website marketplace. I got into this business doing nothing but buying and selling websites initially .

    We also provide brokering services so if you've got a question, we'd be glad to help you out.
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    Thanks for the clarification Justin.

    Dave, I've just submitted a form on your site in case you're interested to list it for us.
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    I sold all my dropshipping stores (Shopify) in the past few months on Flippa
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      MValmont, Can I ask why you got out of Shopify and what you are doing now? I remember you selling a course on Shopify.
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        Originally Posted by kb11 View Post

        MValmont, Can I ask why you got out of Shopify and what you are doing now? I remember you selling a course on Shopify.
        I had quite a few store. Sold all of them, and I just started a new one a few weeks ago.

        I just didn't have the time to run all of them, one is enough.
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      Originally Posted by MValmont View Post

      I sold all my dropshipping stores (Shopify) in the past few months on Flippa
      Curious. Any particular reason you sold all your stores, Mvalmont?

      Were they talking to much time? Not enough ROI? Bored?
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