I want to sell home security systems

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If anyone has any experience with home security system sales, please let me know. I am thinking about an Amazon affiliate store. I'm trying to find the best model to use. Any ideas would be most appreciative.
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    "I'm trying to find the best model to use"

    Do you mean as far as traffic methods?

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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      Yes, was wondering if anyone new what good themes and/or plugins are out there for Amazon affiliates. I want to develop my domain, securitysystemsforhome.com , maybe a review site or something and link to Amazon for security systems.

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    I was mostly on Facebook and it did really well for me. I did spend for some ads but the results were pretty great. I used to sell cctv, dvr's and such. You might want to try that approach too.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    They way it USED to be DONE.

    A proven security model business. (not online)

    True story of a very successful operation.

    Company set up to sell Peepholes for front doors (translate to now - webcam apps security front door)

    Old way.

    Send out team of commission only employees to "door knock" appartments.

    Favoured targets small blocks or housing estates.

    Team member has one battery powered drill with right size drill bit and bag of ready to install "peepholes"

    Only knock on doors WITHOUT peephole already.

    Tell door opener about THREAT and SOLUTION

    Take money, install peephole and move on.

    Highly successful about 25 years ago.

    NEW Model.

    Find doors without SMART bells.

    Promote smart bell to those prospects.

    Upsell full security system or other smart devices etc.

    Now IF you can't knock on doors where you are located THEN you need to find a way to get people asking you about the SYSTEMS you offer.

    Sell systems as there is a much higher return.

    Best regards,


    PS New home buyers are good targets and you can find them through publicly available data.
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    What kind of home security systems you are looking to sell? Video doorbells or smart IP camera or an entire security system (contract based) ?
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