What Should I Do Now? Over a Year and STILL No Sales - Review Please

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Hi guys,

So I have an issue which for the past year have been struggling getting to an understanding of what my issue could be. I have tried various SEO checkers which provide different results which causes confusion on what I need to do. I think I have two problems:

1. Extremely Low Traffic
2. No Orders (I think this is due to point 1 above though)

I have two sites I think suffer from the same problem and the links are in my signature as I was banned for adding them before for some reason:
a) hierotees - Niche t-shirt site, mostly static
b) capstonecreativity - Mindset coaching/consultancy, fresh content weekly with relative keywords/phrases

Each of these seem to not be ranking for the keywords that I think I should be ranking for, hence low traffic? And also I think that perhaps the sales pages may not be driving customers to buy. Social media pages are setup (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and I post regularly.

Even if the product/service is not in high demand, I still believe I should be receiving higher hits then currently experienced. From what I understand (which is not much), visitors do not seem to be coming for the keywords that I have been writing content about. From the small amount of people that visit, there is a high bounce rate, and no orders made.

Can I ask some help please if the sites could be reviewed and help me understand what I should now focus on to raise visitors and lower bounce rate? I'm trying to stick with it and not give up!

Do I need even more frequent content?
Should I change keywords/phrases?
Are the sales page copies OK?
Is the site design good?

As a confession, I have paid a couple of people from freelancer which all seemed bad- some have been fired and I've rehired others to fix issues - Maybe an issue there?

Unfortunately, I'm not technical in terms of SEO, so I'm kind of begging for some pointers..

Thanks in advance for any help guys,
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    Hello there,

    I have to applaud you for not giving up... that's AWESOME! Most people would have given up by now.

    If you want to private message me the links to your two sites, I would be happy to give them a look and share my thoughts with you on how to potentially improve things.

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    The first question is, where do you rank for the keywords you are targeting? I mean, it only makes sense that people aren't coming to your site via those keyword phrases if you don't rank well for them.

    Many keyword phrases are difficult to rank well for - no matter how great and optimized your content is. For those harder keyword phrases, you need at least a few real, editorially placed backlinks from relevant websites.

    And yeah, there could be other problems - page speed, indexing problems because of something in the robots.txt file, etc.

    Chances are, though, you are trying to rank for phrases that are too hard to rank for without a decent amount of high quality links and/or you are ranking for phrases that do not have much buying intent.
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    Originally Posted by digitalm View Post

    1. Extremely Low Traffic
    2. No Orders (I think this is due to point 1 above though)
    waiting on SEO.. in todays market space uh NO.. you need to be on Instagram ALL IN.

    Read this: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/1-80-...usiness-brand/

    Watch this:
    Create content that fits YOUR Brand.. "Egyptian" mix with images of your shirts what ever else.

    read and watch the above links over and over - ACT on what the man is saying, and in a month or 2 things should start happening.

    In that month or 2 you really need to get your site in order it kinda blows..

    have you gone through your cart process? it is majorly clunky. You are selling T-Shirts? ADD the $4.00 onto the price of the shirt and make shipping FREE

    Shirt prices.. I understand that larger shirts cost more.. but to have static pricing of $20 - $24 and not knowing the price until it goes in the cart.. that's a conversion no no. SPLIT the difference and show ONE price.

    Do you see how I am stream lining the process of someone buying the shirt? no hidden secrets.. no guessing.. done done and done.

    And the load time... there is something majorly wrong there - fix that for sure

    Hope that Helps!
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    The point of business is to make money. If SEO doesn't work for you, try other channel like Facebook, Instagram, pay per click (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads etc)
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    There two things you need to invest in:
    1. invest in learning SEO (youtube is a good source, check Neil Patel)
    2. invest in marketing (ads, influencer marketing, etc)

    or you can also consider hiring a VA who is knowledgeable in such to help you out.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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