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My friend started his Snacks & Beverages company. His agenda is to sell healthy, unlike the popular MNC's. We discussed influencer marketing. For making it popular what method of targeting I can use on social media and AdWords? Targeting a competitor as an interest? Keywords? Can anyone help me with some out of the box ideas?
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    Is he selling to consumers or businesses? If it's businesses, he can maybe target executives and business owners on LinkedIn.

    For consumers, possibly targeting "healthy" related niches might help... like nutrition, certain health conditions that require certain diets (if the snacks and beverages match and help in the specific health condition).

    Hope this helps!

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    By selling healthy and nutritious snacks and beverages, you already have the edge, and something you can differentiate your products from the competitor's. Social media is one of the most effective way to promote your product.

    Having a website will also help boost the product marketing as it improves your products credibility. Usually, consumers would want to know the origin and the identity of the company that sells the products. Your website is able to give these information such as your contact info, company location (if applicable), and the company's about page. Also, you can include testimonies/feedbacks from your customers who have already tried your product. Be active on customer inquiries and discussions whether on your website or socil media accounts.

    Post relevant content on your weebsite and share them in social media. Use keywords such as healthy, snacks, beverages or anything related to your products. Video contents can attract more people and are usually on top of facebook feeds and google search.
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    I'm thinking you have a limited budget. You really don't have much to spend on ads right now. I'll start with dominating my local market first. That will help get much needed social proof and probably start a chain reaction of WOM marketing i.e if your products are great. I'll also consider geofencing ads on Facebook. Much more the physical aspects of showing up are needed here more than random PPC ads. Work on reputation marketing and local branding first IMO.
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    You can definitely look into influencer marketing. In my opinion, it's the fastest way to give you results. Be present in both IG and FB, those are the most important platforms.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    was reading a book about a guy selling these kind of beverage and he started by going local, door to door and sell directly to retailler (often the case with a startup the ceo do the first sales himself until he got traction)
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    30$ / task, pay after done!
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    For the Healthy/Fitness niche, Instagram Infulencers is where I would focus my energy on.
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    Use social media advertising and target foodies. Instagram and Facebook can be great websites to start with. Targeting is the key. Use quality images in your ads and write proper messages to target your TG.
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    I love that more people are starting up healthy eating businesses!

    My experience with influencer marketing is that the best influencers in your defined niche, the ones you really want to target are constantly bombarded with free samples to try. They have a lifetime supply of samples to consume and will obviously never get through them all, so yours needs to stand out.

    I think social proof is one of the best ways to convince the masses that you have a good product. I would suggest providing samples at a local gym, shopping mall, community event etc. in exchange for a quick testimony or photo of them enjoying the product. The feedback can be as simple as circling one of five options to describe your product. Pool your feedback and leverage that on social media.

    Personalize your approach to the influencers in the defined niche. You can't just say "Hey! Try out these amazing healthy cookies!" You will dramatically improve your chances of getting noticed by saying something like "Hello Mr/Mrs. Influencer, Last weekend at the Diabetes conference, we had over 500 people try these cookies that have zero sugar in them. We know it's difficult to have a cookie taste great without sugar, but EVERYONE LOVED THEM. On top of that, they all told us that YOU specifically should try them since you are such an important advocate and role model of reduced sugar in the North American diet. We are taking their advice and would like to offer you a fresh batch to see if you agree with them.

    The more you research the influencer, make your pitch as relevant to them and their work, the more likely you will get a response. Most people just send an email blast to all influencers in their field at the same time and hope they get one.

    Another fun approach is to find out the influencer's associates or staff members and reach out to them first. Note: do not stalk. They are usually more reachable than the actual influencer and can get your foot in the door (or a snack on the desk) much easier. Win over their associates or colleagues = win them over.

    Put in the effort to customize your offer, backed with some solid social proof, and your chances of getting noticed will improve.

    Good luck!
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