How to Scale-up E-commerce Business in India?

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I have been in e-commerce business since 2014, The business making the INR 24 Lakhs P.A. The industry is related to Food and Berverage. The supply chain and carrier support for business has been well organised. The products (200+) listed in the business are very unique for the particular targeted region.All products has been listed Top positions google results. The business going smothly with a good profit.The business and its products has global demand. But, the sales is not scaling up though we have used many social, email marketing strategies. So, anyone guide or invest me to improve the business to make more profit.

Thanks in advance!
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    Food and beverages are great products to sell in a specific geography. I hope you are targeting the required geography and demography in your ads. Scaling the business needs a lot of things to take care-
    - Try to find out the reasons people are purchasing your products and then try to figure out how to increase that demand.
    - If you are targeting your business to Indian audience then make sure you are targeting the right demography. In India womans are more inclined towards shoping specilly when it comes to food and beverages. Try to include nutritional values in advertisement and put some emotional quotients too.
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    focusing on your buyer personas again. i think you should work more on buyer personas. track your similar competitors everything like their pricing plan, their targeting options, their big source of traffic. Spending much money is not wise thing, spending money on right platform can be better for you.
    best of luck
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    Have you tried using Instagram Infulencers?
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    • Please guide me to use Instagram influencers
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        There are a few different ways to find influencers, you can search relevant hashtags in your niche or use the Instagram discover tool. You should be able to find a lot of useful content just on google and youtube.
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  • I doing things that business needs, now struggling to get funding for the business to take it next level India. Can anyone guide me to get funding or invest in the business to make it huge?
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    I work with ecommerce stores in India. Give us more details an your traffic sources, and conversion rates.

    We can work on getting better quality traffic, and simple ways for increasing conversions on your site.
    Ecommerce in India - - - A Free Guide on How to Start an Online Store in India.
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am doing E-commerce since 2016, The Business making good Revenue up to 20-30lc PA. The Industry is related to the IT field and all type of Marketing paid Service. The inventory network and bearer support for business have been efficient. The Service mentioned in the Ecommerce site is very unique and good at Reasonable cost. All service pages are ranking on Top in search engine searches. One day I believe my Business will take Top positions in E-commerce Business.
    The business and its items have a worldwide interest. For scaling up sales we have gone through SEO Process like Social Media sharing, Email Marketing, On-page/ Off-page activities, etc.

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