Hello there ! In Need of some Constructive FB AD critiquing

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Hey there Fellow warriors. i am looking for some feedback on ads that i am running While Dropshipping. I am running a campaign for an aromatherapy product and I feel my targeting is way too broad( somewhere in the range of 30 to 40 million for 4 different ad sets ) i target people who like aromatherapy , meditation,yoga * just as a few examples* and who are also engaged shoppers and am uncertain on if i should be excluding anyone specific in this instance. product is 29.95 and is shipped to all epacket countries. also push out a 5$ discount for email signup and the actually ad itself is 30 seconds long.. is this too long? what is the issue here that i'm not seeing? Any advice? *Also i'm on a budget as i am just getting started so my ad spend is 3 dollar daily limit for the 4 different ad sets. Any suggestions here ? Thanks!
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