Want to make affiliate income with Shopify blog. Opinions please!

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Hi warriors...
I have a Shopify site and am contemplating using its internal blogging system as a way to bring traffic to the store and as a way to make money with affiliate marketing.

My question(s): I have read that wordpress is best of course for blogging, but with my store on Shopify, i would like to stick with the Shopify blog. Will I be limiting the organic traffic? My concern is that if I place the blog on wordpress and then link to the store, it will slow things down as well. Not sure what to do.

Next question is this, if I keep my blog on the Shopify platform, can I build a fairly successful niche authority blog with an affiliate marketing component to it that will potentially surpass the Ecom store? I am not at all tied to the e-commerce income, as my store is more of a passion, but the blog would be the cash cow. Okay well, that is my dilemma and those are my questions. I really appreciate any experienced warriors opinions.
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    Good question

    As per my advice please keep your blog in Shopify and do affiliate marketing easily.
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    Unless there is some compelling reason to move to another platform, I'd use the Shopify blog. That way, the authority from the blog and the eCommerce store are on the same domain, which should help the pages of each rank better.
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    I would also suggest going with the blog on Shopify. Assuming that the niche for the blog and the store are the same or at least related they will compliment each other nicely.
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    Everyone said it, stick to Shopify for writing blogs, just make sure you write quality content & use proper SEO technique to generate traffic & to get rank on SERP!
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    Yes, let it be on Shopify only, optimise the blog completely and start affiliate marketing.
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