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Hi guys.
I wanna publish an ebook from Amazon on my Shopify page. How can I do that? and it is possible to be sold without taking my client to the Amazon page?
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    Sure, I suppose you could do that by listing the product as a regular downloadable product on your store and then when it is ordered, manually order the eBook from Amazon, supplying them with your customer's information.

    Probably not a very good strategy for growth, since they will see that the email with the download link came from Amazon. There may also be a way to have Amazon send you the download link, which you forward to your customer.

    Seems like a better idea would be to contact the actual publisher of the eBook and work something out with them. You'd certainly get a bigger cut of the profit that way.
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    I also agree with Dave, it would be a better idea to get in touch directly with the publisher, that way you can generate a good amount of profit as well, rather than ordering from Amazon & shipping it to the client with amazon slip.
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    I am a bit confused by your question. You say "I wanna publish an ebook from Amazon on my Shopify page", so do you mean it is your kindle/ebook? If that is the case I would suggest simply sending customers from your site to AMZ.

    You should keep in mind that far more people go to Amazon to buy than will be going to your site. I hope this helps.
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    I would suggest getting in touch with the publisher directly and letting him know what your plans are and how you are going to be driving traffic to this sole e-book. This will give him more incentive to let you do this as opposed to relying on big-name amazon who don't promote each item individually.

    This way, you can also negotiate better margins vs getting cut by amazon+buying at the tag price each time.
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    Yes it is very possible just contact the publisher and ask if you can get a resell right to the product directly on your shopify page
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