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Hi guys I hope you all are well.
After so much time spent in research I m finally going to build my website. I m gonna dropship from aliexpres with obero, with importify ( somebody knows about it? its work? ) , eBay and Etsy with importify also and I found a free web .
Are there any other sites from which I can dropship?
And I found a web who knows 3000+ good supplier, like where you must pay $200 to then can use their service. It is something like Alibaba? Does somebody know about that?
Thanks a lot for your time.
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    You could check out SaleHoo. They serve the US and the UK mainly.
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    If you have to pay to get access, don't do it! No real supplier charges money to sell their products and all of these middleman services that hook you up with suppliers are a scam. You'll never get real wholesale pricing because they get a cut of it. You'll find out real fast that many sites will be able to SELL the products for less than your "wholesale" price is (and that includes Salehoo).
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    Amazon, ebay and a website with shopify on it are the main ones that come to mind.

    Check out my store at:

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    I use oberlo with shopify, not familiar with the other services/websites you mentioned.

    Check out my store at:

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    Ebay, Amazon & oberlo with Shopify, these 2-3 sites are main, rest can be unseen.
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    I think the best thing that you could do is niche down to a few specific products and find dedicated suppliers for them. Like Dave said, good suppliers will not charge you to be able to sell their products and you will get the dedicated wholesale price. One thing that you should look for from the suppliers is a MAP policy also (Minimum Advertised Price). The MAP policy is used so that suppliers aren't undercutting each other and the product itself maintains a minimum perceived value.
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    You should start off using aliexpress with Shopify.
    Shopify has an app called oberlo where you can directly import products from (aliexpress) to your website.

    Hope this helped you!
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    Oberlo and Shopify are a good combo (that i use), however i have seen that people use Amazon or the other sites (i think it is faster but more expensive that way)

    You can go in a lot of directions with this, if you don't want to use Shopify, see what other people are using
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    Personally, I wouldn't use a supplier that's charging me for the opportunity to sell their products. They're the ones benefiting from you selling it in the first place! Also, that starts you off in the hole. Once you've picked your niche, you should look at other websites that are dropshipping that same product and try to figure out who their suppliers are. Go to the suppliers website directly and put in an application to be one of their vendors.
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