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Hey Wonderful Warriors,

Amazon FBA is huge and something I am looking into.

What Amazon FBA course would you recommend for:
1) Amazon UK
2) Amazon India - A growing market with huge ecommerce demand

Thank you for any suggestions
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    With the ecommerce heat the India government is issuing I would say to try UK first.
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    I would suggest Jim Cockrum's course Proven Amazon Course (PAC). It is very reasonably priced. It is very thorough and detailed. It also continues to grow as he adds more sections to it on a regular basis.

    Several years ago I launched my FBA business. It was the best online business decision I have made and this course was extremely helpful to me.
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    The decision for the prefered market will gonna depend upon where do you live & what kind of product you gonna sell, suppose if you're living in UK & planning to sell in India, then you really going to face different sort of problems like- different policies, different market structure, different sort of demand & much more like this. I would suggest you to sell where you live, it would give you additional advantages & better changes to be successful in your ecommerce business.
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    I'd also suggest you get Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course. It's been around the longest and is constantly being updated. Members get free access to other courses Cockrum and his team sell separately. All for a one-time fee.
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