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So most I've had on a daily basis is maybe 30 views/sessions, I use shopify and I sell a variety of items, not necessarily a niche store. I was using it to test different niches and start stores out of that. I have only had maybe a few orders and hard time getting traffic.

I use facebook and google ads (at a bare minimum), pinged my website, tried to generate backlinks for it and even share every product I can on about 6 social media platforms for social media bookmarking.

I've used Instagram (on two accounts) and have a twitter and facebook page. So is there anything I could do to help increase views than I could worry about conversion and making more sales.
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  • Hi,
    You can do following things:

    1. Do content marketing to attract customers
    2. Guest blogging
    3. Opt Influencer marketing
    4. Send customers regular newsletters
    5. Social media advertising
    6. Run ad campaigns
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    I would try instagram influencers, there are a ton platforms you can use to find them. Revfluence, Grapevine Logic and Neoreach are a couple.
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    Content marketing will probably gonna help you a lot to generate organic traffic, along with focus on paid advertising on Facebook, it really gonna benefit you a lot.

    Influencer is also a good option, although if you want good amount traffic coming in through influencer, then you need to find out some good influencers who had good amount of audience, although it could be more pricer to do so, keep that in mind.
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    I have one simple golden advise to anyone trying to build ecommerce business like Shopify: Never send cold traffic directly to your product. It does not work that and you will waste money. Find a way to warm up your traffic first. Build audience first! Then send traffic the traffic to your Shopify products later.
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    #1. Use SEO to increase your site's visibility
    #2. Build customer engagement through content marketing
    #3. Reach your target audience on social media
    #4. Use influencers to get more traffic
    If your site traffic is in the doldrums, ignore sales for now. Focus on building brand awareness and customers will come
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      Hey! Thanks for the list. It is very useful.
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    There are three digital marketing campaigns that provide the best results for an E-commerce store

    a) Influencers Marketing

    b) Email Marketing

    c) Facebook PPC campaign

    Do not pitch or promote your products in blog comments, forums, etc. It will diminish your brand value.
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  • It's never been easier for e-commerce entrepreneurs to set up an online store.
    Platforms such as Shopify offer everything a new seller needs to get their business up and running in minutes, without the need for serious web design or coding skills.

    But if you build it, will they come? Probably not--unless you're working to build brand awareness, your business is as good as invisible. There are a lot of eCommerce experts suggests best strategies can help you to increase the traffic.
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    Check for your product related niche on Reddit. There would definitely be people willing to buy.

    Maybe even try Youtube commenting on specific niche related videos. Like comment on 10-20 or even 30 videos the minute they come out.
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    use influencer marketing.
    You can start cheap and is very effective if you have right product.
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    There are alot of areas i can tell you to try as most have already suggested here but that will be trial and error and in that case you may loose some money before you pick up and i dont know your budget. Generating traffic and making sales to give you profit are 2 different things though one leads to the other but you need skills in these 2 areas. Do not try so many platforms but choose one and learn alot and make it work before trying the another platform
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    Try using use influencer marketing, that will help you a lot.
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    You have multiple products on your website, it a little bit difficult to optimize the main home page, but you can optimize by categories
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